5 Things on Friday 42 – 5 Awesome, New Apps in the ArcGIS Marketplace

Time  for another summer edition of 5Things on Friday – sadly summer is winding down but the handy tips we share aren’t! This week we share 5  new apps available to users of the ArcGIS Marketplace, including: a cool add-in to bring your geotagged video into ArcGIS, a system to monitor your apps,an extension that builds on App builder, storm prediction tools, and apps to help you see land use change. Got a tip for a future edition? Please share with us in a comment below or on Twitter @geojobegis

LineVision – ArcMap Add-In

LineVision, from Colorado-based Remote Geosystems, enables users to easily integrate and map geotagged media (photos, videos, notes) using ArcGIS software. The LineVision Esri ArcMap Add-in supports what is referred to as geotagged or geospatial video, meaning digital video files with associated GPS companion or sidecar files. An idea workflow companion for those working with UAV captured data! A 14 day free trial is available. See also https://www.remotegeo.com/


Geosystems Monitor

Monitor up to five (5) organizations that you are an administrator of with this fine solution from Vestra. GeoSystems Monitor for ArcGIS℠ Online allows your ArcGIS Online Administrator (or other ArcGIS Online User) to receive instant alerts pinpointing issues when your maps or services fail, helping you to get back online before users call.

geosystems monitor

Datacapable – Global Hail Storms on Social Media

Get real-time reporting of hail storm events. DataCapable’s robust platform provides a real-time layer of global hailstorm conversation . Data includes anticipated and active hailstorm events across the past 3 hours (by default), with further configurable options. Visualize hailstorms against existing data and layers for operational and actionable intelligence. 30 day trial available



Geocortex Workflow

Geocortex Workflow from Latitude Geographics helps organizations create an array of business-specific interactions, delivered as simple, guided end-user interactions. Instead of writing code to build widgets that meet custom application requirements, choose from a library of nearly 150 pre-built activities that chain together to automate almost any task. See more at http://www.geocortex.com/workflow

geocortex workflow

Land Change Explorer from Clark Labs

The American Land Change Explorer (ALCE) is a free web application designed to illustrate the potential of predictive land change modeling using a subscription-based application called the American Land Change Modeler (ALCM). ALCE includes land cover maps for 2001 and 2011 for the conterminous 48 states from the US National Land Cover Database (NLCD).  The resolution of these data is 30 m.


Check out the free trial of MapLapse, image change detection tool. MapLapse is easy to use and addictive! Simply login to your ArcGIS Online account, locate your project site location or area of interest, zoom in to the desired location, run the app. Users can then save or bookmark the location for future use, save images, generate and download a timelapse or animation. See more info HERE

Are you interested in creating an app and make it available via the ArcGIS Marketplace? GEO Jobe has worked with a number of developers and companies to help get their app to market. Our dev team is skilled in the process of getting to market and have a proven record thanks to the experience gained from the development and deployment of the #1 free app in the ArcGIS Marketplace, Admin tools for ArcGIS Online.  Contact us for more info – connect at geo-jobe.com

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