5 Things on Friday 19 – More Must-Have, Awesome, Work / Life Productivity Tools

This week for our 5 Things feature we continue our look at some awesome apps, tools, resources that can enhance your work and/or personal life (see 5Things #18 for the first look). These are business and wellness tools that can contribute to your enhanced productivity and well being. The suggestions come from our team here at GEO Jobe – enjoy!


Our CEO, Neill Jobe, spends much time working on UAV data capture projects and related work. As a result he’s in the field a fair bit and has a need to track and manage expenses related to each project. For this Neill suggests Kittyhawk.io a solution for UAV related assets tracking.  Designed specifically for drone/UAV pilots, Kittihawk is a mobile app that enables flight logging, asset tracking, and related expenditures.  The service is designed with the fact that the smartphone is the UAV pilot’s ultimate tool!

kittyhawk drone pilot asset tracking

Shoeboxed Expense Tracking

Another fine resource used by the crew here to help manage expense tracking is Shoeboxed. Designed for managing those pesky receipts that we all tend to misplace, Shoeboxed enables users to scan and organize receipts along with business cards and more. It also offers the ability to track and manage mileage related expenses, travel, office purchases and more.  A free, Google linked account can be quickly setup so you can start ASAP. Oh, and you also get tax tips and tools!

shoeboxed expense management

Calm – Your Daily Calm for stress reduction

This amazing app tip comes from Jeremy our VP of enterprise solutions. Available for Android and iOS, Calm helps Jeremy get his head straight every morning and kick off his day refreshed and ready to go! The app encourages the user to take a deep breath and stay calm. A calming voice will walk you through daily meditation routines (perfect for those new to meditation). There’s also a “breath” setting that will set a pace for an ideal breathing pattern to keep you calm. Calm gives you daily reminders so you don’t forget and it also tracks your wellness and use of the app. In the evening you can set Calm to read you a story from a narrator, like Ben Stein, who has a very calming voice. Finally, the app will keep your history in a calendar and track streaks of use, total minutes of meditation and more. Take a deep breath and go get Calm!


The Biggest List of OpenData Ever!

We need data just like most of you. It seems we can never have enough data resources at our disposal and now with the OpenData in full swing, there’s many resources out there. For mapping projects or developing webmaps or apps you can never have enough data at your disposal. We recently stumbled onto a fabulous directory of OpenData resources that boast over 2600 portals and is growing. This is the perfect resource for startups, mashup artists and developers looking to build the next killer app.

opendata portals

Microsoft Office Lense

This app is a free mobile scanning app that was previously limited to Windows Phone devices and now also available for Android (Beta) and iOS. The idea behind Office Lens is to turn your smartphone or tablet into a fast, efficient scanner, one that automatically deposits documents, business cards, receipts, sticky notes, whiteboards and other real-world items into your OneNote account (or various other destinations). Nick, one of our trusted developers, swears by the app and uses it to scan and send results directly to his OneDrive account for secure hosting in the cloud.

microsoft office lense


Bonus tip – Our VP, Jeremy Weber, comments that using the Gmail “priority” inbox email setting in his email ensures that all his important messages remain at the top so they receive the attention they need. A secondary setting of “follow-up” ensures messages needing more attention are also given priority treatment.

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