5 things on Friday 22 – GIS Tip Sheets, Snow Plow Tracking, WebApp builder and Drone2Map 1.1

Here we are again… Happy Friday! To celebrate, we once again share 5 awesome “mappy” related tips and tricks with you. This week we have some handy tutorials, details of a Python workshop, an update about Drone2Map, some tips for WebApp builder enthusiasts, and a fabulous snowplow tracking app. Have a great week-end and be sure to share your favorite map/Geek tip with us any time – Twitter @geojobegis is always a good way to reach us

Quick Task Sheets

Thanks to the Iowa State University for making this handy sheets available via the website for their extension and outreach program. Visitors can browse, download or print out some handy tip sheets including instruction on: creating  geospatial data with geojson.io, working with custom map in Mapbox studio, getting started with arcGIS modelbuilder and more.


New features in Drone2Map 1.1

A number of updates have hit Drone2Map, including the ability to calculate measurements with one click. At this year’s ILMF, Esri is debuting version 1.1, the next big release of the product. Drone2Map simplifies the data-processing workflow by offering templates for the different final products a user can generate. The other big change in Drone2Map is the new integration with ArcGIS desktop and added functionality like one click to generate volumetric calculations. A good read from SPAR3D. Note, you can read about all the new functionality on the Esri blog

Image Credit: SPAR3D

WebApp Builder at DevSummit

Recall, WebApp builder for ArcGIS enables developers (or anyone actually) to build great GIS apps without any coding!  Recent updates include a new widget for navigating the map to the next or previous extent, enhancements to several existing widgets, and other improvements. The development team will be out in full force at DevSummit this March and they have a number of interesting talks planned, this in addition to spending all week on the Esri Island where they can answer all of your questions. Learn how Web AppBuilder can be used to build rich and compelling 3D mapping applications. Read more about WebApp builder

Programming ArcGIS with Python

Save teh date for this hands-on learning opportunity, an Introduction Location: April 26th and 27th, 2017, in Nashville, TN. In the Programming ArcGIS with Python Workshop you will learn introductory level programming ArcGIS with Python skills.  The workshop is designed around the content of the book.  In addition to all the workshop materials, each student will also receive a copy of the book and lifetime access to all the course content over the web.


Tracking Snowplows in Idaho

Kudos to the Iowa DOT for this awesome web service that enables the community to keep tabs on snowplows in the area. Imagine being able to watch when a plow is coming to your neighborhood! Additionally, users can get real-time updates on weather, traffic, and road conditions and enjoy views (images) sent from the snow plows. A great resource for planning your trip around the area so you can stay safe.  We’ve embedded the live map below for you to enjoy!


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