5 Things on Friday 32 – Vector Basemaps, Free College Courses, ArcGIS Application Competition, and more

Welcome to another  5Things on Friday where we share 5 very cool mappy related tips suggested and found by our team and colleagues. This week we share an update and pointer to an ArcGIS group where you can access Vector Basemaps, we point you to about 160 awesome technical videos, share some help for those wanting to take the Part 107 test, tip you off about an ESRIUC competition, and discuss free education coming to Tennessee. Got a tip for a future edition? Please share with us in a comment below or on Twitter @geojobegis

Vector Basemaps in ArcGIS Online

Here’s a great way to liven up your maps in ArcGIS Online – Vector basemaps. This group contains a set of Esri vector basemaps that are available for use in ArcGIS Online. The group contains both web maps and tile layers. From Esri… These basemaps are delivered as vector tiles (PBF format) that are rendered client-side based on a style file that is delivered with the vector tiles. The vector basemaps can be displayed in current, desktop web browsers and, in the near future, various desktop and mobile apps.  For more interesting bits on Vector basemaps  refer to the blog posts tagged with “vector basemap“.

vector basemaps

DevSummit Technical Presentations

DevSummit was a great learning experience for the GIS professional, developer, and would-be developer. For those who didn’t attend you can find all the technical presentations recorded and stored on Youtube for hours and hours of education and enjoyment. Pick your favorites, create a playlist and watch these at your leisure. Be sure to share with your colleagues or perhaps have some lunch and learn sessions with the team!

2017 Developer Summit Tech Sessions

Free Part 107 Test Study Guide

For those of you interested in UAV mapping and one day becoming a professional, certified pilot, you’ll need to meet the requirements of the FAA. This means completing the Part 107 Test for UAV pilots. The FAA compiled a list of many references in the final airmen certification standards for the remote pilot knowledge exam and FAA created study guide. They did NOT include everything you need or would find helpful but you can consult this fine resource for some great pointers on what you need to know and study. See also this “what you need to know FAQ” from the FAA.

FAA part 107 prep

ESRIUC Opportunity – Application Fair

Thanks to the release of Webapp Builder or Story Map templates for ArcGIS anyone can easily create awesome web apps and webmaps. If you’ve developed a software application using Esri technology or have customized an Esri product to meet specific business requirements, you could be selected to share your work at the User Software Applications Fair. Note, integration with non-GIS applications is welcomed. Deadline to submit your application is Friday, June 16, 2017.


Free College in Tennessee

Tennessee is about to become the first state in the nation to make community college free for all adults. An interesting concept here that is designed to help lessen the burden of college debt and hopefully help spur the economy, help small business, and encourage people to finish their schooling. The idea here is to have students with an option to put off paying for school by sharing income later once the college education has been completed. Terms and pricing will adjust over time as the program evolves.


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