5 Things on Friday – OpenData, Knowledge Base, Demographic Data and more

Here we are again… Happy Friday! To celebrate, we once again share 5 awesome “mappy” related tips and tricks with you. This week we have plenty of OpenData themed tips along with a sneak peek at a new knowledge base for ArcGIS users. Have a great week-end and be sure to share your favorite map/Geek tip with us any time – Twitter @geojobegis is always a good way to reach us

Esri Demographic Data

Here’s a data tip of interest from Esri, particularly for anyone conducting research for a business, traffic studies, crime analysis or other local topic of interest.  Esri’s U.S. Consumer Spending data is based on a combination of the latest Consumer Expenditure Surveys (CEX) from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Data is reported by product or service and includes total expenditures, average spending per household, and a Spending Potential Index (SPI). Consumer Spending data identifies hundreds of items in more than 20 categories.

European Wind Storm Data

Data data data.. here’s an awesome OpenData resource from Europe. The XWS ‘eXtreme Wind Storms’ catalogue is a freely available database of storm tracks and model-generated maximum 3 second gust storm footprints (both raw and re-calibrated) at ~25km resolution for 50 of the most extreme windstorms to hit Europe in recent times. Go ahead and mashup and map these data and be sure to tell us about it!


OpenData is awesome and huge these days, however, it doesn’t have to be limited to spatial data layers, XLS files, CSV data and the like. Enter the OpenStreetcam resource. Logging in with your OSM user account will get you access to a wealth of data and real time images served up by webcams from all over the World. What a great find! Mobile apps for iOS and Android are available for users.

Open maps – Canada

Open Data can be found all over the World and Canada has been somewhat of a pioneer in the area. They actually started off quickly with opendata portals, however, their progress [Nationally] at keeping up has been somewhat slow compared to other regions. Regardless, their “Open maps” provides access to the Government of Canada’s geospatial information. You can combine, visualize, and analyze geospatial data and collaborate with other Canadians

GEO Jobe Knowledge Base

Finally, here’s a tip from us here at GEO Jobe. We’ve been working on a new knowledge base for our users and will be rolling it out for all very soon. However, we want you to get an early look at it. The Knowledge Base aims to become your go to resource for resources, tips and information about our ArcGIS solutions including Admin Tools, MapLaps, Mapfolio, and our geo powered cloud. Enjoy and please feel free to give us any feedback, thanks!

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