5 Things on Friday #61 – Micro Beer Impact Map, Alexa Blueprints, Trash Cleanup App, NHL Vector Basemaps

Time for 5 more, very cool, mappy things via this weekly [almost] segment. Enjoy some tips this week to learn how to share your loyalty to your favorite NHL team with a map, participate in World Clean up day and map your trash cleanup, investigate which States have the most craft beer impact on the economy, create a custom Alexa Blueprint, and an awesome data resource from William & Mary Lab.  Do you have a tip for us for a future edition? Please share with us in a comment below or via Twitter @geojobegis

World Cleanup Day, 2018

A fabulous effort to not only clean up the Earth but map the trash as well. All the data collected by users worldwide will be visualised on the global trash map for initiating worldwide clean-up events on World Cleanup Day, 15 September 2018. Get the app (iOS or Android) and start to Map!

world cleanup day


Beer Economic Impact Map

There’s no doubt that there is a craft beer revolution taking place. However, have you ever wondered, what exactly is the economic impact of craft beer? This report shares data along with summary data via a handy map. According to the study, the industry also provided more than 456,000 full-time equivalent jobs, with more than 128,000 jobs directly at breweries and brewpubs, including serving staff at brewpubs.

Craft Brewing Industry

Alexa Blueprints

Hey Alexa, would you like to learn something new? Are you addicted to Alexa but running out of things to ask? Blueprints enables you to create personal skills that you can ask Alexa and share with your connections.  Blueprint templates are provided, enabling you to create something new quickly.

alexa blueprints

AIDDATA from William & Mary

Integrate satellite, conflict, aid, economic, health and more subnational data, from anywhere in the world, into a single simple-to-use file compatible with Excel, STATA, or your own favorite program. Every request you make will return an email with a single CSV where every row is a geographic boundary and every column is a requested dataset. This file can be read by nearly all software packages, and we also include a full PDF of metadata  – give it a try!

GoPredsGo – NHL Vector Tile Basemap

Here we are in the midst of the HML playoff season, for us in Nashville that will hopefully mean hockey well into June! For the hockey fan who’s also a GeoGeek what better way to show your support than by using a cool, team themed vector basemap? View info about this basemap HERE or  jump to the map HERE

See more on vector basemaps here


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