5 Things on Friday 45 – Post-Harvey Imagery, OSM Volunteer Mappers, ArcGIS Seminar

Time  for another, almost end of summer edition of 5Things on Friday. This week lets start by stating the obvious, we are very proud to see the outpouring of support and selfless acts from all over the country to help the Hurricane Harvey victims and those displaced by Harvey.

The response from the Geo Community has been impressive, to say the least – GIS is truly hard at work saving lives! So, on to our tips, below we have some fine resources including an intro to ArcGIS 10.5, a first look at an Operation Dashboard for real time data, some post-Harvey imagery, and an OSM volunteer mapper tool. Got a tip for a future edition? Please share with us in a comment below or on Twitter @geojobegis

The ArcGIS User Seminar Series

This event recording brings you up to date and help you work better and more effective with ArcGIS. Adam and Harry share updates about the latest ArcGIS technology at 10.5 and Esri President, Jack Dangermond shares his thoughts about the biggest technological innovation from his team in years! Learn about the integration of apps that can be seamlessly integrated into apps that you deploy – great stuff! Video recorded at the 2017 seminar series roadshow

arcgis 10.5

Best Places to Live to Avoid Natural Disasters

With the tragic events of the past week along the southern coast of Texas, we are reminded of just how fragile things can be and also how so many millions of people live along fagile coastal environments that are prone to storms, storm surge and other dangers. This article shares a series of maps from FEMA that identify areas of the US that are most prone to natural disasters. An interesting read indeed.

tornado prone areas of the USA

Hurricane Harvey Pre / Post Flood Event Imagery

There’s no question that the devastation caused by flooding in the Houston area (and other nearby places) is Epic. Until detailed maps have been put together we don’t really have an idea of the area of land that was completely inundated. However, we do have some fine resources coming online (see DigitalGlobe) including this Spy Glass Story Map sharing a number of pre-post scenes around Houston.  The Slider template is an excellent way to compare these images.

harvey swipe map

A Look at Operations Dashboard (Beta)

Operations Dashboard was discussed at a number of sessions and displays at ESRIUC. Recall, Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS helps decision makers keep track of their day-to-day operations. Situational awareness is gained by monitoring activities and events, tracking field workforces, and assessing the status or performance of daily operations. Our colleagues at Esri have shared a couple of dashboards with us (Beta) that have been deployed in response to the Houston, post Hurricane Harvey flooding. Have a look at the very cool dashboard for Houston area traffic and also this regional water conditions dashboard. Dashboard comes with ready to use data visualizations to help get you up and running fast – I like to think of them as “Story Maps” for the power, enterprise user!  See also this video to learn about Operation Dashboards

operations dashboard

Tutorial and info on using the OSM Editor for Volunteer Map Edits

Jim Barry shares a blog describing the OSM project and how volunteer mappers are encouraged to help make updates and edits to Open Street Map in an effort to help the response and relief efforts. Jim’s blog post walks you through the steps to get started. Barry notes that lots of work needs to be done with getting buildings added to the map.

osm edits

Bonus Tip #6

OSM Tasking Manager

Referenced above in Jim’s blog post, the OSM tasking manager is the dashboard where volunteer mapprs can access humanitarian mapping projects and edit the open street map.  There’s a number of open projects looking for assistance including: TIGER data cleanup, Hurricane Harvey damaged buildings inventory, road alignment tasks and more. this is a great way to learn more about OSM.

OSM Tasking Manager


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