5 Things on Friday #55 – 5 Awesome ArcGIS Online Maps and WebMaps

Once again it’s Friday, time to wind down and share some cool, mappy tips, web maps, and web apps. We’ve discovered 5 more awesome resources here that we think you’ll enjoy checking out.  Enjoy a recreational map from Canada, follow the track of an Eagle for a month, a clever resource that helps you escape the hustle and bustle of the city, a map that tracks some cool rock and roll history, and a wealth of imagery from out of this World! Do you have a tip for us for a future edition? Please share with us in a comment below or via Twitter @geojobegis – Happy New Year from our entire team

Rideau Canal Skateway Map

The Rideau Canal Skateway, the world’s largest skating rink, is an iconic winter destination in Canada. For locals this is a favorite destination to put on skates, grab a hockey stick and get outside for lots of fun. You can view the canal on a map along with reports of ice conditions.

Rideau Canal Skateway

Escape Light Polution

How can we escape light pollution? Where are the best dark-sky places? This #storymap explores how ‘dark-sky places’ can help counter the growing challenge of light pollution.

Are the stars out tonight?

Mapping Music – Sex Pistols Story Map

In 1978, the United States got it’s first taste of British punk rock with a tour by the legendary Sex Pistols. However, the hostile audiences, drug abuse, and inner conflict experienced on the tour would spell the end for the iconic band. Follow the tour on this clever story map.

sex pistols map

15 Years of Photos from the Space Station

More than 2.7 million images have been taken from the ISS in 15 years of humans being aboard. These are favorites chosen by NASA; the map shows location of ISS when each picture was taken. Basemap: Rumsey World Globe 1812.

15 Years On Station

USFWS – Mapping the flight of the Eagle

Brian Smith of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has been conducting ongoing research on Golden Eagles. In March 2014, partners of the project, Dale Stahlecker and Mike Lockhart, caught and tagged a Golden Eagle in Wyoming. Follow the track of this raptor as it soared above the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. The map will automatically fly you around America on the path of the eagle – awesome!

eagle map

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