5 Things on Friday 39 – 5 Awesome Things from ESRIUC

Time again for another summer edition of 5Things on Friday. This week we share 5 cool geo tips that have come out of ESRIUC. We share an explanation from Esri about The Science of Where, a good summary resource from Geonet, a very cool San Diego map, tons of videos, and a fun summary story map from an award winning Esri business partner.  Got a tip for a future edition? Please share with us in a comment below or on Twitter @geojobegis – What did you love about ESRIUC?

The Science of Where

The Science of Where, is the science of digital transformation, the science of exploration and navigation, the science of commerce and ecology. It’s the science of insight and innovation. It inspires us and drives us to offer the most high-powered, high-performance mapping and analytics capabilities in the world.

esriuc the science of where

GeoNet Updates, Live Blogs and more from ESRIUC

Over on Geonet, you know, the online community for all things ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online, the team has compiled a dedicated community area featuring live blogs, special guest contributions and more from the ESRIUC. Enjoy all the fine updates and commentary from the community outreach team and select Esri insiders.

geonet from esriuc

Amazing Emoji Map of San Diego

An incredible and fun map of San Diego was unveiled at the Map Gallery by UK based Europa Technologies. The map also took home the award for most innovative map! At 4×4 km square on the ground, each pixel represented 20mX20m on the ground. Each square then being delineated by the most suitable emoji icon in order to convey the use (ie. restaurant, bar, park, etc…)  Check out this video interview with the creator


Didn’t get to the UC this year? Hey, no worries because Esri has TONS of them online. HEre’s a handy playlist featuring some 200 plenary videos, sessions, and more. Enjoy hearing about the latest in ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Enterprise, Insights, Collector, Survey 123 and much more. You can even enjoy the Thursday night party…


BlueRaster Story Map Cascade from ESRIUC

Trust the fine folks at BlueRaster to leverage the latest ESRI technology (Story Map Cascade) to document their experience at the 2017 ESRIUC. Blue Raster was exhibiting, presenting, tweeting, partying, and going full out at UC, much like they always do! Kudos to these awesome Esri Business Partner for representing yet again and for sharing some awesome technology and solutions.


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