5 Things on Friday #50 – ArcGIS Pro Guide, Wine Country Devastation, Revised State Boundary Maps

Welcome once again to our fun, Friday GEO Tips, aka. 5 Things on Friday (Oh, and shout out to our friend @whatleydude for the inspiration for this series).  This week’s tips include: a look at how students are using GeoDesign concepts to help with urban planning and development, a handy guide to help make the move to ArcGIS Pro, an interesting map from San Francisco tracking the devastation in wine country, some advice on getting your maps to go viral, and a cartoon map that shares ideas for how the States should be drawn according to some.  Got a tip for a future edition. Please share with us in a comment below or on Twitter @geojobegis

Baseball Stadium Development and GeoDesign

The best way for students to learn about geodesign is to apply their learning to real- world projects. Jim Sipes, a faculty member for the online geodesign program at Penn State and renowned designer with Sand County Studios, developed a project to investigate the new Atlanta Braves baseball stadium and neighborhood development as the challenge for the fall 2016 Geodesign II course on urban landscape change issue.


Getting Started with ArcGIS Pro (PDF)

A useful how to article from Esri will help you to get up and running with ArcGIS Pro. This guide will walk you through the steps to login via your named org and then make the switch to Pro.

arcgis pro

San Fran Chronicle : Wine Country Fires Map

From the Chronicle, this shows how the fire perimeter has spread along with other POIs including locations of fatalities, destroyed and damaged wineries, evacuation shelters and safe havens, current hot spots and more.

Interactive map: Wine Country fires


Tips for sharing your content in ArcGIS Online

Via GeoNet, some fine tips and tricks to help you get word out about your maps and webmaps. The pointers provided will steer you to some fine resources to help you learn best practices and other sharing methods to help spread the word about your work. Tips include using tags, making story maps, sharing views, and even using a good thumbnail.

What if State borders were drawn the way pople think they should be?

HEre’s a fun map that reveals some fixes to State borders that reflect the opinion of many folks, for example, why does Florida get the panhandle and not Alabama? Why are some border lines perfectly straight and others not so much?

state borders

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