5 Things on Friday #52 – Instagram Stories, WebMap Monitoring, Custom Sports Maps and more

Time again for our first November edition of 5Things on Friday. This week we share 5 handy geo tips including: a living atlas app to check the water balance, a must-have monitoring app for your AGO webmap services, an interesting GEOtech event in November, a tool to help make custom sports team themed maps, and a handy primer on Instagram Stories.  Got a tip for a future edition? Please share with us in a comment below or on Twitter @geojobegis – PS, don’t forget to turn back your clock this week-end!

Living Atlas Water Balance App

The water balance app enables users to click any place on the map to see how the water balance is changing over time. Users can view and select from a number of variables including soil moisture, snowpack, precipitation, runoff, and evapotranspiration.

ArcGIS Marketplace App – Geosystems Monitor

GeoSystems Monitor for ArcGIS℠ Online allows your ArcGIS Online Administrator (or other ArcGIS Online User) to receive instant alerts pinpointing issues when your maps or services fail, helping you to get back online before users call. A handy resource for any administrator. Available for Enterprise and a free AGO version

geosystems monitor

Event – Geography2050 

A multi-year strategic dialog about the vital trends that will reshape the geography of our nation and our planet by 2050. In 2017, our Geography2050 Symposium will focus on the Future of Mobility. From the organizers, “We will focus on how mobility innovations will reshape our world’s geography, how these innovations change our basic perception of space and time, and how the geospatial revolution will help drive this revolution in mobility.” November 16 & 17, 2017 – New York City.

geography 2050 event

Hex Color Codes for Pro Sports Teams

Ever had a need or wanted to create a fun, custom sports map or webmap that has a focus on a sports team or sports-related topic? Now you can tailor your cartography to any professional sports team with the help of this color picker resource. Locate the color HEX codes for almost any professional sports team – very cool, and fun!

custom color sports maps

Instagram Stories and how to get started

Are you a user or fan of Instagram? Perhaps you’ve been interested in the very clever and fun stories feature. These are the short images and video clips that you can stitch together to create a story that is made available for viewing for just one day. Marketing people and users seem to love them! Here’s some handy tips.

instagram stories

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