5 Things on Friday #54 – WA State LiDAR, US Army Story Map, US Energy OpenData and more!

Time for our  final 5Things on Friday of 2017. This week we share 5 handy geo tips including: A resource with a TON of US energy data, A fun US Army photo journey, the amazing WA State Bare Earth LiDAR resource, and a fabulous training archive to help you with Story Map customization, and more! Do you have a tip for us for a future edition? Please share with us in a comment below or via Twitter @geojobegis – Happy New Year from our entire team

EIA – Layer Information for Interactive State Maps

This US Energy Infrastructure map from EIA is cool, but what’s really impressive is all the #oil #gas #energy #utility data you can access from it

US Army Year in Photos StoryMap

Story Map Shortlist of the US Army Year in Photos 2017 via Army.mil. Images from North America, Europe, and other locations around the World

US Army Year in Photos 2017

Washington State DNRBare Earth

For geologists, lidar is an invaluable tool that enables them to see and study large areas of the earth’s surface, particularly in places where trees and vegetation obscure the landscape. LEarn more about how LiDAR is used in Washington State to monitor and manage the resources that are affected by the forces of NAture. FYI, “In 2015, the Washington State Legislature mandated that the Department of Natural Resources, Washington Geological Survey collect, analyze, and publicly distribute detailed information about our state’s geology using the best available technology – lidar.”

NCAA College Football Air Mileage Index Map

From the map – How do we measure the geographic reach of a football program’s recruiting footprint? The Air Mile Index is a simple metric that describes this reach. Let’s roll out the chalkboard…

Air mile index map NCAA

Webinar (recording) Thinking Outside the Box: Customizing Esri Story Maps

This session will introduce story maps and explore the available configurable templates. You will learn how to customize story maps without having to download and host the application yourself. We’ll also review best practices for create compelling story maps.

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