5 Things on Friday #56 – 5 More Awesome ArcGIS Online Maps and Story Maps

Friday, Friday, Friday! Yup, time to wind down and share some cool, map tips, web maps, and web apps. We’ve discovered 5 more awesome resources here that we think you’ll enjoy checking out.  

Enjoy maps on the following topics: green farming in Vermont, kelp mapping in Washington state, an amazon HQ site selection analysis, a BombCyclone map lesson, and mapping a famous explorer in the 1800’s. Do you have a tip for us for a future edition? Please share with us in a comment below or via Twitter @geojobegis 

Farming with greener pastures in Vermont

Visit local farms, ranches, forests and resource areas where NRCS and partners help people help the land.. A fine example using the Esri Story Map, Cascade template.

vermont story map


Amazon HQ 2 Candidate Cities StoryMap

Explore a story map featuring the 35 US cities that the Washington Post identified as strong candidates. According to Helen Thompson of Esri, There are some surprises when you start looking at home affordability, especially among cities that have not featured heavily in the news.

NOAA 2018 East Coast Weather story

The Jan, 2018 “BombCyclone” made huge headlines and had a huge impact on the North American east coast. This storymap from NOAA explains how the system was formed and shares a timeline of the changing weather that eventually grew to epic storm conditions.

cyclone storymap

Alexander von Humboldt’s Whole Earth Vision

Alexander von Humboldt was one of the most influential scientists of the 19th century. His discoveries have profoundly impacted modern science and medicine. Follow some of the travels and amazing history that unfolded


Mapping Kelp along the Washington Coast

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources manages and monitors kelp forests as part of its stewardship responsibilities. Recently, DNR scientists teamed up with scientists from the University of Chicago and Marine Agronomics to study DNR’s long-term monitoring data along the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Outer Coast.

kelp storymap

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