5 Things #58 – 5 New Tools for ArcGIS Online Admins

Once again it’s Friday and time to share some cool, mappy tips,  maps, and web apps. Over the past year we’ve shared more than 50 feature spotlights on Friday, presenting more than 250 GIS, mapping, webmap and geotech tips!

This week we take a sightly different approach and share 5 tips that ArcGIS Online Admins can access by using our Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online. Do you have a tip for us for a future edition or a request for a new tool? Please share with us in a comment below or via Twitter @geojobegis

Recall we recently announced the update to Admin Tools to R 1.1 while it was just in December that the update to R rolled out. These releases added some great, new features to the Tools – much of the functionality, recall, is available in the Free version (see the ArcGIS Marketplace).

Update Thumbnail images

The update thumbnail image is a handy tool enabling the user to quickly update (in bulk) thumbnail images associated with data, apps, and maps. The new tool provides the ability to update and resize thumbnail images for Living Atlas data layers!

admin tools update thumbnails

Update Content Status as Authoritative or Deprecated

Administrators can set content items as authoritative (which has the backing of your organization), or deprecated (meaning the organization no longer supports that data). See more on this tool

authoratative content

Update Item Extents

Update extents for webmaps, hosted feature services, and other items. Select a map or app, redefine the map extents and update! A quick and simple way to update the extents of a project – draw a rectangle or define by coordinates.

update map extents

Find and Replace Webmap Service URL

Thanks to feedback from our users, the Find and Replace Webmap Service URL now updates Vector Tile styleUrls. Furthermore, users can now find and replace layers in the selected web maps by choosing the old item and a new item or replace urls in the web map by string values including partial matches.

replace webmap service urls

Enhanced Copy Items

The simple, yet popular Copy items utility has been updated and Copy Items Now, can copy items to multiple users at a time!

copy items

Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online continues to evolve… look for regular updates to the Tools and please, keep the feedback coming along with suggestions for new tools! We maintain a number of social media channels where you can send us feedback!

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