5 Things on Friday #59 – Developer Training, Open Data tips, Mapping Historic Route 66

Time for 5 more, very cool, mappy things via this weekly [almost] segment. Enjoy some tips on how to create a beautiful physical map, an open data portal, some fine online dev training, a historic drive through America, and a look at the whatever base map. Do you have a tip for us for a future edition? Please share with us in a comment below or via Twitter @geojobegis

Geospatial Training Webinars

Our friends at Geospatial Training travel the country training GIS professionals on a number of topics including Python, Beginner-Pro ArcGIS Topics, JavaScript and other important developer topics that can help you score that dream job. They also host some interesting and educational webinars. Here’s a few of them you can enjoy for free.


OpenData for Climate Resilience

The Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness (PREP) is a public-private collaboration launched in September 2016 that seeks to improve access to climate data, and empower communities and businesses to better plan for and build climate resilience. A partnership of leading research institutions, government agencies, adaptation practitioners, and technology companies.

open data

Historic Story Map – Route 66

Here’s an awesome Story Map Tour that takes you across the country along historic Route 66. Enjoy the art and stories as you follow the highway from California to Chicago… simply awesome!

route 66

The Open whatever Map! 

Have you ever been stuck, wondering which base map would work best with your web map? The Open whatever map can help you make the right choice. Browse the map made of tiles from a variety of base maps styles – way cool and fun!

open whatever map

How to make a Beautiful Map

John Nelson, Cartographer with Esri, has shared an interesting tutorial that walks you through the steps to create your own beautiful physical map using stunning 3D visualization methods and other handy map tricks – these maps could easily be displayed in National Geographic!

esri cartography

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