5 Things on Friday #53 – More GIS Day, Affordable GNSS for Android, Geo Developer Training and more!

Time again for our first December edition of 5Things on Friday. This week we share 5 handy geo tips including: A solution for creating beautiful maps in the adobe environment, more GIS Day events, an affordable GNSS solution, some tips for coders who don’t like code, and some fine Developer training. Do you have a tip for us for a future edition? Please share with us in a comment below or via Twitter @geojobegis

ArcGIS for Adobe Creative Cloud

An interesting solution that enables users of Adobe Creative Cloud to create beautiful maps inside a familiar environment. ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud is ideal for design and communications professionals. Access data-driven maps inside Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. This solution enables users to get the tools you need while keeping data and file formats in sync between ArcGIS and Adobe.

adobe creative cloud

GIS Day in December!

Yes, GIS Day may have come and gone in November, however, that isn’t stopping folks from sharing their passion for GIS.  In Colorado, the City of Denver is hosting a GIS Day celebration event on December 6, inviting the public in to see how the city is using GIS technology to understand the city and drive better decision making. It’s never too late to host an event!

gis day in Denver

Trimble Catalyst – Affordabe, cm Accurate GNSS von your Mobile

Looking for more accuracy for your field data collection? Enter Trimble Catalys. Introduced in the summer of 2017, Trimble® Catalyst™ is a revolutionary new positioning technology for Android phones and tablets that is delivered as a subscription service to a software-defined GNSS receiver. Trimble Catalyst is capable of delivering accuracies down to 1-2 cm, placing the power of high accuracy positioning in the hands of every field worker with a compatible Android device.

trimble catalyst gnss

Customizing ArcGIS Pro with no Code!

Out of the box, ArcGIS Pro is ready to go. It has great default settings, and the “most frequently used” tools and functionality at your fingertips. However, we know that every ArcGIS Pro user is different. There are a million ways to customize ArcGIS Pro (especially with the ArcGIS Pro SDK), but if you’re not a developer, here are a few of the quickest ways to get the application set up just the way you want it.

arcgis pro

GeoDev Webinars

It’s never too late for more online learning. For developers interested in building on the ArcGIS platform, Esri Dev team has a great resource that shares recorded webinars as well as details of future webinars, all designed to help you code and build on Esri solutions with the latest tools from Esri. Learn about the ArcGIS API for Python, build native apps with ArcGIS Runtime, learn about the ArcGIS Hub and more.

GeoDev Webinar Series

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