5 Things on Friday 41 – US Protected Areas, Wildfire Smoke, Bilingual maps, ArcGIS tips and more

Time again for another summer edition of 5Things on Friday. This week we share 5 awesome geo tips including: Some valuable lessons to help you get rolling with ArcGIS Pro, tips for building bilingual maps, a wildfire data resource to keep you safe, map animation tips, and a fabulous data resource of protected areas. Got a tip for a future edition? Please share with us in a comment below or on Twitter @geojobegis

  1. Lessons to help you get started with ArcGISPro

Recall, ArcGIS Pro is where Esri’s future development efforts will go.  If you haven’t made the move yet perhaps now is a good time to think about it. Esri has provided a very handy learning resource, complete with 11 lessons for you to complete in order to help you make the transition to Pro. From Esri… In these lessons, you’ll travel to Venice with ArcGIS Pro. You’ll build a 2D map of the city with canals, structures, and some of Venice’s most famous landmarks. Then, you’ll convert the map into 3D.  The lessons are conveniently provided in a story map series!

2. Creating Bilingual Apps and Maps

Definitely something to ponder, particularly for those of us in countries with several “official”  languages, like, say, USA wit Spanish and Canada with French. Esri has provided a nice tutorial and tips for authoring your apps in a friendly, localized option that caters to language of choice. From Esri, Offering your web app in multiple languages can increase your audience and the overall impact of the information. In this blog, we will show two examples of configuring apps to support a bilingual audience.

3. Monitoring smoke from Wildfires – FireWork

With much of the PacNW and BC, Canada experiencing near record wildfire activity we are now faced with the effect of wind transported smoke affecting many other regions. The pollution levels in parts of Southern BC and NW Washington have been brutal to say the least! This resource from the Government of Canada shows daily map updates and data to help you track and monitor the movement of smoke.  See also more wildfire related maps and webmaps in this blog

4. Video Tip – Animation in ArcGIS Pro

Some handy cartographic tips to help add more context and information to your maps and webmaps. After you have authored some animation, you can add text and images. Text and images are a way to enhance any map to help your viewers understand the message your map is conveying.

5. National Inventory of Protected Areas – GAP Analysis

Here’s a fabulous data tip and resource you may wish to leverage in your next map or mapping project. The Gap Analysis Program produces data and tools that help meet critical national challenges such as biodiversity conservation, renewable energy development, climate change adaptation, and infrastructure investment. The Protected Areas Database of the United States (PAD-US) is the official inventory of protected open space in the United States. With over 715 million acres in thousands of holdings, the spatial data in PAD-US include public lands held in trust by national, State, and some local governments, and by some nonprofit conservation organizations. Get the data HERE

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