5 Things #65 – ArcGIS indoors, 3D Urban GIS, and are you Hub Ready?

Last week, otherwise known as the week after ESRIUC, was busy indeed with many announcements that came out of the conference still to investigate. And so, our regular series of “5 Things” continues here in a special Monday update – enjoy! We share a brief look at new solutions from Esri, ArcGIS indoors and ArcGIS Urban, a survey to see how ready your org is for ArcGIS Hub, some amazing World Cup maps and stats, and an incredible resource from the NPS, so you can listen to the sounds of the park. 

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ArcGIS Indoors

Yes indeed, Esri is taking ArcGIS indoors with something new (announced at ESRIUC). ArcGIS Indoors is a complete indoor mapping system for assembling, managing, and sharing building and campus information. Use the ArcGIS Indoors system for location discovery and wayfinding, asset management, operational data analysis, and crowdsource reporting to keep the indoor environment functional. Note, Indoors is a valuable planning tool for institutions like College Campuses. This is pretty exciting for our UAV services group, who are very active in that space!

ArcGIS Urban

Also new from the 2018 ESRIUC, ArcGIS Urban is a 3D planning tool enabling users to create, visualize, and share in 3D to make better designs and present your work more effectively. From Esri, “ArcGIS Urban is a collection of web-based and desktop tools to help you create and manage plans and projects, engage with community stakeholders, and reduce risk—resulting in timely decision-making.” The video below reveals how planners in Boston are leveraging ArcGIS Urban to manage and plan their city in a 3D environment.

Are you ArcGIS Hub Ready?

How ready is your city? Take this free hub readiness assessment to see how ready your city is to take the first step to transform the way you engage with your community. This online survey will reveal your city’s geospatial & operational maturity and show you the next steps to take on your journey to a Connected, Smart City. Recall, ArcGIS Hub provides a two-way engagement platform to connect government and citizens.

Amazing World Cup Maps and Stats

The World Cup has come and gone, and the world was once again treated to a month of excitement and amazing sport. You can still enjoy this spectacular tournament by browsing these maps and data visualizations put together by FastCompany. These 33 maps have all the facts and stats you need to better understand the World Cup, the teams, and the players.

image credit (Esri)


Sounds of a National Park Paradise

Did you know that we recently celebrated national listening day? Yes indeed, it is a thing, and I was interested to see how the National Park Service embraced the event to offer an amazing educational experience. Coinciding with the event, RMNP released the sounds of Estes Park, a catalog of several hundred sounds that visitors to Estes Park can experience. This extensive acoustic catalog contains over 210 recordings of more than 60 bird species, natural soundscapes, and wildlife vocalizations including elk, coyotes, western chorus frogs, and even a pine squirrel. All the recordings were collected in the park by Dr. Jacob Job, a researcher with Colorado State University and the NPS – Natural Sounds & Night Skies Division. Visit the complete NPS sound library HERE

NPS sound library

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