5Things on Friday 27 – Drone Support, GIFs, Landsat Tools, Smart Map Tips and more

Welcome once again our 5Things on Friday where we share 5 very cool mappy related tips suggested by our team members this week. This week we’ve shared a handy resource for anyone getting involved with UAV technology, a nifty GIF creation tool, a look at sources of electricity, a fast way to create amazing Time Lapse images, and a powerful cartography lesson. Got a tip for a future edition? Please share with us in a comment below or on Twitter @geojobegis


Are you getting involved in the booming UAV Technology business? Or, perhaps you’ve just started getting your feet wet and need some help. DroneDeploy is a fabulous resource for the  drone novice and UAV professional. DroneDeploy is a powerful SAS service and software solution that can help you fly and capture data, process your imagery, and even store it in their cloud.  Dronedeploy also has a pretty vibrant user community and is a great source of help, tips and tricks.  Dronedeploy can help you create orthos, terrain models, NDVI analysis and 3D models from your data.


Easy GIF Creation – Screen2GIF

Are you looking for a solution to help create GIF and videos to share with your colleagues or customers? Screen2GIF is a free program that enables you to define a rectangle, place it over an active window on your computer, and capture your keystrokes and mouse movements. This is a great way to create short GIFs for social media sharing or to create an informative “how to” video of your software.



Mapping the US electricity

Natural gas surpassed coal last year as the most common source for electricity generation in the United States, according to a Post analysis of preliminary data from the Energy Information Administration. Coal was responsible for a majority of electricity generation at the start of the century and was still the source for nearly half in 2008 but has fallen steadily, accounting for 30 percent last year. Natural gas powered 34 percent of the country’s electricity last year, passing coal as well as nuclear. Here’s a fabulous article that maps out where the US generates its electricity.

Create Time Lapse Images in ArcGIS Online

MapLapse, an application in the ArcGIS Marketplace (free and Pro) enables the ArcGIS user to easily move to an area and generate a time lapse image of landuse change. Download the image (GIF) showing how the landscape has been altered over 25 years as the Landsat imagery of the area scrolls through time. MapLapse was created by Esri small business startup company, GeoMarvel.

MapLapse Featured in ArcGIS Marketplace App Spotlight

How to Smart Map with Color and Size

Everyone wants to make great buts, even cooler, how about creating amazing Smart Maps? Esri has created a Story Map that helps guide you through proper mapping color and symbology in order to create awesome, smart maps. Smart mapping allows you to choose two attributes from your data and visualize the patterns from each attribute in a single map. One attribute is shown with color, while the other is shown with size (to show some sort of quantity).  We can all use a cartography lesson!

smart mapping

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