5Things on Friday 30 – Happy Story Maps, UAV Education, LandSat data, and a Symbol Tool for Devs.

Welcome once again to our 5Things on Friday where we share 5 very cool mappy related tips suggested by our team and colleagues. This week we share a symbol playground for Javascript devs, a very cool Landsat tool that reminds us a little of the #MapLapse tool for ArcGIS Online, we have a Happy Story Map, a tip for UAV training, and a fine weather resource to keep you safe.  Got a tip for a future edition? Please share with us in a comment below or on Twitter @geojobegis

Landsat Lense

Visualizing Landsat data is always quite amazing. Something new from Esri recently enables users of ArcGIS Online to quickly and easily view historical Landsat Data – enter the Landsat Lense. Simply visit the Lense webmap and start panning the lense around the map. Users can slect a year of desired imagery along with a Landsat layer theme, including natural color, Infrared, Veg Index and more.

landsat lense

World Happiness Map

You may think that you are happy, however, how happy is your country or region as a whole? Each year, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Solutions Network releases the results of a survey of the state of global “happiness.” This World Happiness Report ranks 155 countries by their self-reported sense of well being. Kudos to Esri for putting details of the report in this friendly to use Story Map.

Severe Weather WX Map

The severe weather warning webmap is a fabulous web service that mashes up weather related warnings, alerts and notifications from Government agencies all over America. Using the map is simple, just pan the map for an area of interest, consult the legend for color coding that may appear in your area, click on the area to reveal the latest warning of interest, then act accordingly!

severe weather map

Drone2Map Training

Drone technology is transforming traditional field data collection and imagery-production workflows. In this seminar, learn how Drone2Map for ArcGIS helps organizations save time, reduce costs, and increase speed of operations. The presenters demonstrate how to create orthomosaics, point clouds, and 3D meshes from drone-captured imagery, then quickly share and work with those products in other ArcGIS apps, including ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro. This 60 minute class is available to all who have a current maintenance subscription.

Esri Javascript Symbol Playground

The purpose of the Playgruond is to provide an environment where you can design 2D or 3D symbols with a simple user interface, copy the code used to create the symbol, and paste it into a custom web application built with the JavaScript API. Create your visualizations with ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Pro and use the playground for those cases when visualizations need custom tweaking on an app-by-app basis.

symbol playground

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