5Things on Friday 33 – Gaslamp Maps, Esri Developer Resources, Self-hosted Story Maps and more

Welcome once again our 5Things on Friday where we share 5 very cool, handy, mappy related tips suggested by our team members and colleagues. This week we’ve shared a few cool tips including: a guide to ice cream in Boston, the best map of the Gaslamp District you can find, Esri developer resources, a how to video, and a guide to hosting your Story Maps. Got a tip for a future edition? Please share with us in a comment below or on Twitter @geojobegis

The Ultimate Boston Ice Cream Map

Boston is known for crazy—and crazy-long—winters. When the warm time of year finally comes around, there might be nothing more exciting than celebrating with ice cream. From a good ole’ chocolate cone to a chunky ice cream sandwich, a rich scoop of gelato to a Hong Kong-style waffle smothered in ice cream, you can find plenty of variety in this city when you need to cool down. So, here’s a map to guide you to places where you can cool off.

Boston ice cream shops

San Diego Gaslamp Map

Here’s a fine map of the San Diego Gaslamp district for you. Created with local knowledge by Martha and Jim Rodgers, the pair have been maintaining this fine resource for several years now and I’ve been sharing it with you since the start… enjoy! Print out this map or store the PDF on your iPad and bring it with you to locate any restaurant, bar or club in the Gaslamp. The pair being San Diego locals also have some great suggestions for you and highlight a few new must visit places

gaslamp map

Ways Developers can get acquainted with Esri Tech

The Esri developer ecosystem is growing rapidly. there’s many useful resources that existing devs and geeks new or interested in learning to build on the Esri platform. this blog post shares a few suggested resources for the developer.

esri dev resources

Put Google Docs in your online Maps

This interesting how-to video walks you through the steps to put Google Docs on the map – the ArcGIS Online map that is. Jennifer Bell, the author comments that “Any updates in the doc will appear in your map!” Fast and simple.

Host your own Story Maps

You’ve built many Story Maps but perhaps you’d rather have them self hosted. this would be a nice thing to do and this blog post teaches you exactly how to do that. There are several benefits to hosting a Story Map app on your own server, the most obvious is you can give your story a custom URL on your organization’s domain.

host your own story map

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