5 Things on Friday #67 – WebGL dataviz, Firefly maps, Dashboards, Carr wildfire maps

Time for another 5 Things on Friday as we quickly steamroll through August! We’ve shared some useful and interesting webmaps this week, including a look at a nifty WebGL opensource tool, a look at the creation of the FireFly cartography in ArcGIS, a very impressive citizen reporting dashboard, a gateway to recent earthquake activity, and a valuable damage assessment tool for the Carr wildfire.  


Kepler.gl is a powerful open source geospatial analysis tool for large-scale data sets. Built with Deck.gl, Kepler.gl utilizes WebGL to render large datasets quickly and efficiently. Pretty impressive for the geeks! A number of getting started tutorials are provided to assist you if you’re unfamiliar.

Get to know FireFly Cartography

This Story Map will help you to get to know the Firefly symbology method in ArcGIS. From the author, “Firefly cartography (or glow-maps, overproduced tripe, whatever you like to call it…) has a pretty tight set of characteristics that converge to deliver a pretty standard effect… Firefly cartography tricks normal people into realizing how much they like maps.”

firefly cartography

Citizen Requests Dashboard

The city of Omaha has implemented an impressive Dashboard that shares citizen-reported incidents. Using the app, the city can easily view the number of  incidents and requests from the public. The data is run through various analyses to summarize the data into panes and add more meaning to what the citizens are requesting.

Citizen Requests Dashboard

Recent USGS Earthquakes

The USGS collects, maintains, and shares a wealth of data. The organization also utilizes a number of data sensors that populate real-time data feeds used in numerous apps and web services. This impressive dashboard provides a very visually pleasing gateway that shares live earthquake information from around the world. The firefly display makes the hot spots of activity really pop!

Recent USGS Earthquakes

Carr Fire (Redding, CA) 360 degree views

This application was developed with WebApp Builder from @cityofredding as a joint partnership with @menlofire@ACSOSheriffs@CoCoSheriff, and @CALFIRESHU. It shows 360 panoramas from the #CarrFire. Browse the map and click the push pins in the map to access the 360 degree aerial views. For more wildfire maps and resources see here.

Carr Fire 360 Aerial Views

Please share with us your tips  in a comment below or on Twitter @geojobegis. Thanks to all the brave volunteers and responders assisting with the terrible wildfire situation!

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