5Things on Friday 11 – Crowd-sourced maps, ingesting field data in ArcGIS Online and more

Here we are at the end of another week, sounds like a great time for 5 cool and useful Things to share! The goal here is to introduce you to atleast one useful and interesting resource that might help you in your job as a GIS or mapping professional, or wanna be GeoGeek! This week we share a tip on ingesting field data, a clever crowd-sourced story map tool, a document to pump up your team about location-tech, an article with some great Geo tips, and a look at the topic of the GIS persona.

Promote your Location Platform

Have you ever had the need to educate, inform and empower your team? The Change Management Kit is a collection of activities and promotional tools that can be used to engage and excite members of your organization during the implementation of your location platform. It also can be used to ease the process of change through activities that provide participants with the opportunity to become more familiar with your location platform. Here’s some great idea from Esri that could help with your next internal or client-based lunch and learn session!


Building a Crowd-sourced Story Map

Got 10 minutes to spare? According to this article, that’s about all you’ll need to create your first crowd-sourced story map.  Story Map Crowdsource is a different kind of story map — you pick a topic and then sit back and watch as other people contribute their photos and stories. Uses and users of this technology could be teachers, non-profits, government users, and even a game creator.  Developers are free to download and modify the app via github


The ArcGIS Persona

Are you an ArcGIS user? Ever wondered what is your ArcGIS persona? Matt over at webmapsolutions has looked ta that exact topic. In his blog he identifies that Its important to tie a request or task to a persona in order to ensure project and client success – not a bad idea!

Solutions pyramid. Credit: webmapsolutions
Solutions pyramid. Credit: webmapsolutions

Must Have GIS Apps and Tools

Troy Lambert is a technology writer who loves maps. He’s a self-proclaimed GeoGeek and fan of technology. Recently, Troy penned a feature that identified a number of free or almost free GIS apps and tools that any GIS professional could use in their job to help them work smarter and be more productive. Lambert picked through the ArcGIS Marketplace as one source and he also identified our Mapfolio and Admin Tools as a couple of suggested apps… nice!

must have gis tools



Create a fieldwork spreadsheet and analyse the data in ArcGIS Online

If you want to collect fieldwork data and analyse it using a Geographical Information System (GIS) like ArcGIS Online, what is the most important piece of information to collect? This article from Esri UK is a fine read and provides an introduction to data and cartographic skills for fieldwork using ArcGIS Online. The tutorial walks you through the creation of a map in ArcGIS Online using sample data from an XLS sheet (we’ve all done this I bet!) along with some very handy tips. More handy educational tips like this can be found at gis4schools

get your field notes into arcgis online

We hope you found something of interest here. If you have a cool GIS, GeTech, Geo EDU, UAV or other story/tip of interest, please share with us via email (hit the Contact Us link to the right) or drop us a tweet @GEOjobeGIS

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