5 Things on Friday 40 – BIG Ideas from ESRIUC, Null Island, Crowdsourcing science, Vatican City Maps and more

Time again for another summer edition of 5Things on Friday. This week we share 5 awesome geo tips including: a trip to NULL Island,a cool citizen science app, a mobile exploration tool, amazing historic maps from Vatican City, and some BIG ideas from the recently held esriuc. Got a tip for a future edition? Please share with us in a comment below or on Twitter @geojobegis

Null Island

Is Null Island perhaps the busiest place on Earth that doesn’t exist?  Thousands of people live there, millions of photos have been taken. did you know it is found at 0 Lat / 0 Long ? Null simply means that there is no data that exists here. Just be thankful that your surname isn’t “Null” or you may not really exist!

Success Story – The DC Public Gardens

The U.S. National Arboretum mobile app was designed to help guests navigate the vast grounds of the Arboretum via a digital map. A search feature will allow visitors to explore the collections and other features, learn about available visitor services, and locate a memorial bench or tree with greater ease. Tours, exhibits, events and gardens are programmed into the app to let visitors know in “real time” what they can see during their visit. A fine example for mobile devs to follow!

The GLOBE Observer

A fine, community, crowd-source, citizen science resource. GLOBE Observer invites you to make environmental observations that complement NASA satellite observations to help scientists studying Earth and the global environment. The app includes Clouds, which allows you to photograph clouds and record sky observations and compare them with NASA satellite images. GLOBE is now the major source of human observations of clouds, which provide more information than automated systems. Available for Android and iOS

BIG ideas from  ESRIUC

The International ESRIUC was all about the Science of Where and spatial thinking. Lots of technology, visions, and ideas were tossed around and Esri has done a really cool job creating a wonderful data visualization summarizing some of the Big ideas that were floating around during the week. The BIG ideas poster is available for you to download, print and hang on the wall for a little Geo inspiration – enjoy!


esriuc big ideas


Map Galleria

Who doesn’t enjoy maps, particularly old maps… really old maps! Enter the Galleria delle Carte Geographiche, a collection of of breathtaking and huge 430 year old maps from the Vatican City. At the time, cartography was undergoing its own renaissance. The age of exploration had brought new knowledge of distant lands, and technical innovations like the magnetic compass, sextant, and telescope improved accuracy. A truly awesome find!

Breathtaking and huge 430 year old maps of Italy

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