#5Things on Friday 5 – London Tube Maps, K12 GIS, GIS Reponse to Wildfires, UAV Pizza Delivery and more

Welcome to another fun #5Things on Friday – In this fun, summer edition we share some interesting updates including details of places where you can legally fly your UAV, a clever London transit map, GIS in K12 schools in America, a look at GIS in the response to summer wildfires, and Pizza delivery by tech geeks down-under.

Amazing London Transit Data Visualizations

HERE maps (think Nokia maps then Navteq) is much more than amazing maps and map services, HERE also boasts that they are one of the biggest LiDAR data collectors in the World and they also manage a TON of real-time traffic data. HERE has created an interesting data visualization that reveals a beating map that shows off the pulse of London’s transport system. The transit lines pulse like a beating heart in response to real time rider data during rush hour – amazing! The map was created using the HERE Javascript API

london transit map HERELondon transit system ridership during rush hour is visualized


The GIS Response to the August 2016 California Wildfires

In late August the Clayton arson fire added yet another chapter to the long-running saga of devastating California blazes. The conflagration destroyed at least 299 structures, including 189 single-family homes, 40 businesses and a range of other structures such as sheds and smaller outbuildings. More than 4,000 people were evacuated in the course of the fire, which raged for several days. It’s no surprise to GIS pros that GIS plays a huge role in the response and aftermath of these devastating fires. FireWhat of Bend, Ore. was called in by CalFire to help in the aftermath and asses the damage . Read on about the role that GIS and geotech helped crunch the data.

GIS in wildfire responseGIS professionals help the damage assessment (Source: emergencymgmt.com)


Domino’s UAV Pizza Delivery… Why Not?

UAV and drone technology is exploding as are the various uses of the unmanned flying machines. Case in point, down-under some clever folks have decided that attaching a Pepperoni Pizza to a UAV and sending it to the customer would be a great idea. The idea was so good that Dominos Pizza is all over it and even secured initial approval from the New Zealand Government!

drone pizza delivery

Domino’s gets the go ahead to test pizza delivery by drone (Credit: nzherald.co.nz)

K12 GIS & GIS in the Classrooms via ConnectEd

In June 2013, President Obama announced the ConnectED Initiative, designed to enrich K-12 education for every student in America. ConnectED empowers teachers with the best technology and the training to make the most of it, and empowers students through individualized learning and rich, digital content. In support of ConnectED, Esri offers to any US K12 school (public, private, or home schools) an ArcGIS Online Organization subscription. The map reveals Sites with GIS from Esri and ConnectED – see more about ConnectEd HERE.  This story map was created with the Story Map Journal application in ArcGIS Online. Note, we’re pleased to be actively involved with ConnectEd to help educators be more efficient and have access to software and support with our Admin Tools, an ideal toolset to help them manage their student accounts and ArcGIS users within their institutions and orgs.

ConnectEd and ArcGIS in the classroomsThe NEPA Story Map of US K12 GIS

Story Map Shares Where to Fly your Drone

You may want to fly a drone or UAV in the USA, perhaps to deliver a pizza, map a utility corridor, or help emergency responders in some way. Before you take to the air or consider launching your own UAV data collection business, you better be aware of where and when you can fly your UAV legally and according to regulations. This story map shared by the Smithsonian reveals just that.  Note, we’re pretty active with UAV data collection here at GEO Jobe. You can keep tabs on what we’re doing by following our Instagram account @geojobeuav where we have videos from flights and even recently shared images of a baseball field we flew and a clever infographic of the Top 5 drone-friendly cities in America!

where to fly the drone legally

We hope you found something of interest here. If you have a cool GIS, GeTech, Geo EDU, UAV or other story/tip of interest, please share with us via email (hit the Contact Us link to the right) or drop us a tweet @GEOjobeGIS

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