10 Awesome Reasons to Provision Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online Today!

Admin Tools is used by over 4,500 industry organizations around the world and for good reason. The toolset puts more than 60 handy tools at the fingertips of the ArcGIS Online administrator, saving them time and headaches. If you asked users what they like best about Admin Tools or which tool saves them most often, you’d likely get a variety of answers. 

Below, we’ve identified 10 of the TOP reasons why ArcGIS Online power users and admins from around the world have turned to Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online.

Clone Tool

This tool creates brand new items, with their dependencies configured automatically, and no longer points to the original data source they were cloned from. This is a very useful tool for moving content into a new organization. The clone tool is available in the Pro version of Admin Tools. Users options for cloning include: clone entire organization, clone groups to organization, clone items to organization, clone roles to organization, clone users to organization. Read more


Bulk Update Content Status as Authoritative or Deprecated

Setting the content status for items as Authoritative or Deprecated is very simple and will help to maintain the integrity of your data warehouse. See more about this tool

Generate Custom Thumbnails

A robust thumbnail generator for bulk creation of custom thumbnails for your items. Include a custom logo or icon, select from several layout designs, include your standard hex-color selections, and more. Then, apply your custom thumbnail to maps, data, and items across your organization with one click!

Apply custom thumbnail templates to as many items as you need!

View Item Dependencies

Viewing Item Dependencies has been a request so highly demanded, and such an immediate need, that sometimes users of our software ask for it before realizing it’s already in our Pro tools! (See more about this tool)

view item dependencies

Clone A Story Map

Imagine this, you have a need to build a Story Map in ArcGIS Online. Now, perhaps you already have created some great maps and your latest project is similar to a project you completed last year. It would be great to clone those maps to use for your new story map. How? Enter your portal url. You can find this by logging into AGOL and visiting your content home page.  Select your webmap of interest and point to a new destination – your Story Map will be cloned completely from your user content location into a location in your Org account, where it can then be moved and accessed by any user you select. (more info here)

Export Items to CSV

CSV is a very simple format for data, and you may (or may not) be aware that Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online has some powerful, built-in capabilities that enable you to quickly, easily, and conveniently move your data (item, group, and user information) in and out via CSV. The import CSV tools are like many powerful tools wrapped into one! Not only can you bulk update the properties, but you can also create items, groups, and users by importing a CSV. See more

export to csv

Find and Replace Webmap Service URLs

Thanks to feedback from our users, the Find and Replace Webmap Service URL now updates Vector Tile-style-URLs. Furthermore, users can now find and replace layers in the selected web maps by choosing the old item and a new item or replace URLs in the web map by string values including partial matches. You never know when this handy tool is gonna save you!

replace webmap service urls

Delete Protection Tools

Power users like COGS in Nova Scotia, Canada depend on Admin Tools to prepare for the academic school year and incoming GIS class. Dave MacLean, member of the GIS Faculty at the College of Geographical Sciences (COGS),  shared  “At year-end, various GEO Jobe Admin Tools are really handy in managing our users. In particular, Move Items, Update Items Owner, Delete Items, and Delete Users are particularly useful. However, we depend heavily on the Update Items Delete Protection Tools. As part of account clean-out, these tools make it very straightforward to manage whole programs of students in just a few actions.”

update items delete protection in arcgis online wit Admin tools
update items delete protection in arcgis online wit Admin tools

Update Item Extents

Update extents for webmaps, hosted feature services, and other items. Select a map or app, redefine the map extents, and update! One quick and simple way to update the extent of a project – draw a rectangle or define by coordinates.

update map extents

Create and Manage Groups

The Admin Tools group functionality is powerful and very useful. Invite users to participate in groups where they share a common project or focus and manage the group memberships easily with the Group Tools. Oh, and when the time comes, you can easily email the entire group at once!

BONUS – It Takes Just 2 Minutes to Get Started – for Free

There’s many reasons to consider adopting Admin Tools in your organization, and, best of all, it takes only 2 minutes to access from the Marketplace and provision.

Admin Tools for ARcGIS Online


Admin Tools is available to planners, GIS administrators, and other GIS professionals in local government,K-12 and higher education, utilities, and facilities management and can be found in the ArcGIS marketplace (free, pro, and Portal versions). See http://www.geo-jobe.com/admin-tools/

Do you have a suggestion for a tools to include in a future build? Tell us about it or tweet to @geojobegis


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