3 Ways Admin Tools for Portal Will Make Your Life Easier

Hey you! Do you want to make your administration of your ArcGIS Enterprise a good bit easier?

Well, let’s take a look at just a few things that Admin Tools for Portal can do to help you out!

View Item Dependencies

Do you ever have a layer that you aren’t sure if you can delete it or not without breaking a bunch of web maps?

Well, using Admin Tools for Portal’s “View Item Dependencies” tool, you can quickly visualize every single web map that uses a certain layer before you take any action. I’ll say that again, you can really see the relationships between feature layers / base maps / map services before you change or delete them. This is HUGE and its only available in Admin Tools Pro and Portal. Here are a couple of working example below.

View Item Dependencies Demo

That right there alone is worth the price of the tools. To put that up front, so you aren’t thinking these tools are going to be some crazy price, these 60+ tools ( of which view item dependencies is only a single example) are only $500 per year for your ArcGIS Online organization or $1,000 per year for your ArcGIS Enterprise instances. We don’t charge you more for more users or usage, it is a flat annual charge to scales with your number of organizations / Portals. I personally guarantee that this product is worth every penny.



Add Delete Protection to Items in Bulk

Ever lay in bed at night and suddenly realize that any admin in your portal could accidentally delete an item that would cause a massive pain / headache / you to lose your job / send you into a never ending spiral of trust issues and self-doubt? Well, now that I have planted that terrible thought in your head, let’s go ahead and talk about how to make sure that never happens! šŸ™‚

The out of the box ArcGIS Online / ArcGIS Enterprise product allows you to enable delete protection ( which is awesome ), what we have done on top of that is created an easy to use interface to filter for the correct content and quickly add delete protection to it. Maybe you want to add delete protection to every item owned by a certain users, every item in a certain group, or even every item with a certain tag. Take a look at how to filter for content below and just imagine writing that filter and then apply delete protection to everything that matched it in one fell swoop!

Filtering for Content to Apply an Action

There we go, no more worry or self-doubt. Much cheaper than the cost of therapy. Did I mention that the price of these tools work out to less than $45 a month for your ArcGIS Online organization and less than $90 a month for your ArcGIS for Enterprise? Why are you reading this article still? Just go ahead and reach out to us to buy it!



Promoting / Cloning Items Between Development and Production Environments

Are you still reading this article and haven’t bought the tools yet? Dang, you are a tough customer. Well, time to pull out the big guns.

Do you ever need to move content between two Portals (or from one ArcGIS Enteprise to an ArcGIS Online account)? Well, we can do that too! Admin Tools can create an exact clone of an item and all of it dependencies by moving the item, all its dependencies, and then rewiring them against the new item id’s in the target portal. That’s right, we solve that problem and we solve it well. I’m not going to tell you what we have built is an absolute silver bullet that goes off correct 100% every single time, but I am going to tell you that if you have this need, then you need to talk to us about how we solve it. Take a look at some of the videos below and reach out to us for any questions and we will get a solid workflow sorted out for you!

Cloning Overview

Cloning Recorded In-depth Demo

Well, after all of that, I can only hope you have decided that these tools will really save you some time, solve real problems, and will give you solid peace of mind. If this blog article didn’t convince you of that, then I’ll have another blog article out soon that will discuss other amazing tools that we provide as part of this product. Keep in mind that these are only 3 of the 60+ tools that come with product. Additionally, if you have any questions at all, then please reach out to our friendly team. I hope to hear from you soon either to purchase the tools or to ask any questions you may have!



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