5 of the Best, New Admin Tools for the ArcGIS Online Administrator in Your Org

Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online is consistently a TOP app in the ArcGIS marketplace. We like to think the success of the tools has largely been the result of the community input and user contributed suggestions received  from GIS professionals around the World.  To support our users we are constantly improving, enhancing, updating the tools, adding functionality that YOU are asking for.

Part of our commitment to our user community is to provide regular, monthly (or almost monthly) updates to Admin Tools. This will come relatively quietly and even without users noticing. However, these updates are seamless and will be available to users when they provision the Tools to do their work. Most recently, Admin Tools was updated in December (R 1.0.14) and in January (R 1.1). These updates addressed several fixes, added some features. This made the Tools even more useful and valuable to our growing user base (now more than 4,000+ organizations strong).

So, let us have a quick look at 5 of the latest, useful Tools that you can take advantage of with Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online:

Bulk Update Content Status as Authoritative or Deprecated – Set content status for items as Authoritative or Deprecated is very simple and will help to maintain the integrity of your data warehouse.

Filter / Search content by Content Status (Authoritative/Deprecated) – Filtering now filters content by Content Status (Authoritative/Deprecated), an additional way to search your data holdings.

Update thumbnail images

Having custom thumbnail images is important for keeping your data organized, as well as a great idea for branding and to help users of AGOL who are searching for maps, data and apps. The latest update to this tool supports Living Atlas data and sizes your thumbnails accordingly.

admin tools thumbnails

Clone Items to Organization – Fixed issue where cloning web maps with multiple feature layers contained feature layers with incorrect layer indexes (See more about cloning)

Clone with Admin Tools


Resize Map Extents – Imagine this, you’ve created a number of maps and apps, however, the extents of the project area or area of interest has chamged. Now you can easily and quickly alter the extents of your maps and apps using this Tool

admin tools map extents

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Interested in Trying Admin Tools?

Admin tools is designed to result in considerable time savings for users, easily enabling customers of the Professional version to quickly justify the small expense. Admin Tools provides some 60+ tools (90% of these tools are bundled in the Free version) that greatly simplify routine tasks. Admin Tools is available to GIS administrators and other GIS professionals in Free, Pro, and for Portal (enterprise, on-premise) and can be found in the ArcGIS marketplace (marketplace.arcgis.com). See more at http://www.geo-jobe.com/admin-tools/

admin tools for portal

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