5 More Tips to Help Make You A More Efficient ArcGIS Online Administrator

To support our users at GEO Jobe, the team is constantly improving, enhancing, and updating our tools by adding functionality that YOU [the community] are asking for. Most recently, Admin Tools was updated to V 1.2, and we’re pleased to share that the update to V1.3 will be coming in August. The V1.2 updates addressed several fixes and added new functionality.

Admin Tools for ARcGIS Online

There are many reasons to consider adopting Admin Tools in your organization. Best of all, it takes only 2 minutes to access from the Marketplace and provision.  The following are 5 of the TOP tools that will support you in your job as the administrator of your ArcGIS Org’s users:

Thumbnail Generator – A robust thumbnail generator for bulk creation of custom thumbnails for your items. Include a custom logo or icon, select from several layout designs, include your standard HEX color selections, and more. This tool will help you organize all your content, make it more searchable in AGOL, and look very professional!

thumbnail generator for arcgis online

View Item Dependencies – Viewing item dependencies has been a request so highly demanded, and such an immediate need, that sometimes users of our software ask for it before realizing it’s already in our Pro tools! With the view item dependencies tool, we lay out exactly what admins want when they are checking on how content is used throughout their organization. A must use before you start re-naming or deleting data!

view item dependencies

Export Users to CSV – Admin Tools for ArcGIS℠ Online allows you to export as many Items, Groups, or Users as you want to an Excel-friendly format (.csv). You can edit the content in Excel or even add new content quickly and easily.

Clone Items to Organization – This tool creates brand new items, with their dependencies configured automatically and no longer pointing to the original data source they were cloned from. This is a very useful tool for moving content into a new organization. The Clone tool is available in the Pro version of Admin Tools. Note – you can even use the clone tools to clone your story maps!

Video – Esri ConnectEd using Admin Tools to help thousands of schools
Bulk Update Content Status as Authoritative or Deprecated – Setting the content status for items as Authoritative or Deprecated is very simple and will help to maintain the integrity of your data warehouse.

We’re sure that these tools will make the job of the GIS admin in your org much easier. If you aren’t already using Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online, you can provision it right now for FREE from the ArcGIS Marketplace. Admin Tools Pro provides more than 60 tools for the user and ArcGIS administrator. Admin Tools is available to GIS administrators and other GIS professionals in Free, Pro, and for Portal (enterprise, on-premise) and can be found in the ArcGIS marketplace (marketplace.arcgis.com). Learn more at http://www.geo-jobe.com/admin-tools/

See more details at https://geo-jobe.com/admin-tools and on Twitter @geojobegis – Interested in learning more about Admin Tools? Be sure to consult our growing Knowledge Base
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