A Message from Blake Bilbo, Head of Customer Support

During these times, it’s absolutely critical for all GIS teams to make the best possible use of their time and available resources. Taking advantage of the right tools to ensure objectives and responsibilities are accomplished quickly is imperative. To any ArcGIS Online Administrators, or Administrators you may know: Please be aware that there is a FREE version of Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online on the ArcGIS Marketplace that we encourage everyone to take advantage of, if they are not already doing so.

To put this in perspective, many day-to-day administrative tasks will be streamlined and performed in bulk. Rapid access to items, users, and groups throughout an entire Organization via advanced filtering and sorting is supported. There is also the capability to add tags to users, as well as items and groups for important classification on-the-fly as situations develop, and emailing users in bulk ensures everyone in the Organization can be contacted with important information and updates as needed.

For very fluid environments and response, users can rapidly be invited to groups and items can be shared to those groups in bulk. Admin Tools also supports bulk updates to users’ roles as well as their Esri access. In situations where responsibilities and tasks may frequently shift from one user to another, item ownership can be quickly updated and changed. To protect an Organization’s items, delete protection can be turned on in bulk across all items.

Again, we ask that every ArcGIS Online Administrator be taking advantage of these free tools if they are not already doing so. I am also encouraging anyone coordinating with other ArcGIS Administrators and colleagues to share this message to ensure everyone has access to these tools. For any questions, please reach out to us at connect@geo-jobe.com.

Thank you, best wishes, stay healthy, and stay productive!

Head of Customer Support