Admin Tool Tips – Add Entitlements to Users in ArcGIS Online

Managing your organization’s ArcGIS user accounts and, in particular, user access and user entitlements can be a head-ache, but it doesn’t have to be! The following will describe, briefly, how you can provision your users and add or remove access to your ArcGIS Online apps

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Imagine the scenario, you have licenses for a number of Esri, ArcGIS applications that are in heavy demand by your users. For example, you have access to an ArcGIS Pro license(s) and Drone2Map but you don’t have licenses for all users. you need an efficient way to grant user access to these apps within your organization. The Add Entitlements tool will make this a breeze for you to manage.


Start your instance of Admin Tools for ArcGIS – When the application was first provisioned from the ArcGIS Marketplace you may have bookmarked the launch url, if not you can launch the app from – this is the url you will want to bookmark.

To begin, select the User Tools Option, then Add (or Remove) Entitlements from Users

admin tools tips

Selecting the Add Entitlements option will then bring up a list of all the users within your organization, select the user(s) whom you need to provide system access to.  Then, select an entitlement to add or provide the user access so, for example, this might be the ability to use ArcGIS Pro, Drone2Map, Survey 123 or some other application that you have licensed for your organization.

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You can then add or remove access at your discretion or as your projects dictate.

You don’t have Admin Tools yet? No problem, visit the ArcGIS Marketplace where you can add the app to your account (for named account holders).

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Things users are saying about Admin Tools… “The ability to share multiple items with multiple groups at once is a huge time saver”

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