What’s New in Admin Tools for ArcGIS V 1.3

We are pleased to announce that we have a brand new version of Admin Tools for ArcGIS! With Version 1.3 comes new features, even more improvements, and a few squashed bugs. Here’s a quick run-down:

Admin Tools for ArcGIS
The latest version of Admin Tools for ArcGIS, 1.3, gives the ArcGIS Administrator even more functionality and tools to perform their job better.

New Features:

Copy Symbology from Web Map (Pro) For those of you finding yourselves going through all your Web Maps one at a time, updating your Symbology over and over again, wishing there was a better way, rejoice! Copy Symbology from Web Map has you covered! This new tool will take care of that for you. You can now easily copy your existing symbology for layers from one web map to another. (See demo video)

Update User Level (Pro) This is a handy tool that we’ve been hearing requests for ever since the major change to named users in ArcGIS 10.5. As a result of your requests, you can now filter for users in your organization and change their levels in bulk! (Also, see more about named user levels)

Enable / Disable User Login (Pro) Here’s another frequently requested new tool. This will allow you to quickly enable or disable the logins of your organization’s members. Yes, this also applies to your Pro or Portal deployments of Admin Tools, respectively.

Delete Pending User. This will help tidy up any organization with users that have been added but never logged in.


Categories. We have added support for Categories in our filter feature. When Categories were added as a recent feature to ArcGIS, we immediately recognized the need to handle updating categories in bulk. Version 1.3 of Admin Tools for ArcGIS will now let you do that!

Thumbnail Generator (Pro) You can now save all those pretty thumbnail templates you’ve worked on to your local browser cache. Additionally, we also added the ability to export and import your saved thumbnail templates to JSON. This lets you to back them up! (See more about the thumbnail generator)

Change User Entitlements (Pro) Now, Organization admins making bulk changes to entitlements (example: Drone2Map for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pro, Navigator for ArcGIS) across many users can do so without sending an announcement e-mail.

Remove Entitlements from Users (Pro) We understand that communication is important, especially when it comes to letting you know entitlements are being removed. We’ve improved notifications of which entitlements succeeded or failed in the Progress Bar when executing this tool.

Import/Export from CSV. (Pro)

These tools are certainly getting better in every version! In 1.3, we have the following improvements:

  • Import Users (Pro) Notification if CSV is missing minimum required fields for new users
  • Import Items (Pro) Now supports categories
  • Export Items- Now supports categories
  • Export Items- Now returns folder ids and folder names

User Filter. You can now add “Last Logged In” as a filter to the various User Tools. This improvement was added by popular demand. It will allow for an extra layer of organization when filtering and sorting your users.

Clone Items to Organization (Pro) Resources for Story Maps are now included when cloning. We understand how popular and useful Story Maps are. As a result, making sure to include the resources within them was a very important objective. (See more about cloning)

Clone Items to Organization (Pro) We improved detection of web map dependencies for web mapping applications. Since cloning is very much a high-demand workflow with our users, we want to make sure we keep up with your needs.

Enable/Disable Web Map Popups (Pro) Enabling popups for MapServer layers now includes the layer name in the title.

Bug Fixes

We have also addressed multiple bugs across the Basic and Pro versions of the tools:

  • Clone Items to Organization (Pro) Fixed false cloning failure for Tiled Service layers.
  • Import Items by CSV (Pro) Validates field values for proper type and values.
  • Import Users by CSV (Pro) Validates field values for proper type and values.
  • Import Groups by CSV (Pro) Validates field values for proper type and values.
  • Export Items to CSV. Content URL and Item URL choices reversed on field selection.
  • Browse Items. Fixed issue where some users’ list of items failed to display, in certain edge-cases.

For more about this latest update of Admin Tools for ArcGIS, see this official PR/news release

Interested in learning more about Admin Tools? See more details at Admin Tools for ArcGIS and on Twitter @geojobegis. Additionally, be sure to consult our growing Knowledge Base.
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