Admin Tools Supporting ArcGIS Admins from Federal, State, County, Local Governments, & Environmental Orgs

Many users of our Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online are from Federal, State, County and local governments, environmental agencies, and professionals in emergency response. Admin Tools, recently updated to V 1.1, has a number of useful tools for these professionals.

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For ArcGIS professionals charged with working on solutions to meet the demands being placed on them in this time of emergency and crisis, we’re reminding you of some of the Tools and workflows that can help in these specific times and are at your disposal with Admin tools for ArcGIS Online:

  • Tagging Users – tag users (and items) according to area, agency, and other important meta information
  • Email users – reach all your users quickly and easily about important data issues and updates
  • Create and Manage Groups – build and manage teams working on specific tasks
  • Bulk invite users to groups – create groups and get working as teams fast
  • Migrate content from one org to another (cloning)
  • and much more

These workflows are commonly required in such times and can greatly reduce time and effort placed on the Administrator

Other useful tasks you can leverage with admin Tools:

  • Export Users to CSV – Admin Tools for ArcGIS℠ Online allows you to export as many Items, Groups, or Users as you want to an excel friendly format (.csv). You can edit the content in excel, or even add new content quickly & easily.
  • Items Copy
  • Items Clone
  • Export Items to CSV
  • Find and Replace Web Map Service URLs
  • Delete Users
  • Migrate Users
  • Update User Esri Access
  • Delete protection

Get Admin Tools (Free) or Admin Tools Pro

Note: about 90% of the full functionality are available in the Free Admin Tools, the remaining features accessible from the Pro Version (and Portal solution). For users and agencies needing immediate access to Pro functionality in order to respond to the recent emergencies in Texas and the surrounding areas, we’re pleased to make available Admin Tools Pro for free and as a courtesy to you. Please feel free to contact us directly about this to make arrangements. Reach us also on Twitter @geojobegis or via email to info at

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