Admin Tools Listed In Top Lists of Essential Apps for ArcGIS Professionals

We’re always on the look for articles, blogs, tweets, facebook posts and the like that mention us and in particular, discuss our apps and services. Recently, a couple of articles that discuss “must have” GEO apps and tools for ArcGIS professionals have been circulating online and we were very pleased to see that Admin Tools were featured.

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Admin Tools is consistently in the Top and Most Popular Apps in the ArcGIS Marketplace

Essential Apps and tools for GIS Professionals

In his feature titled “Essential Apps and tools for GIS Professionals”, geotech industry writer, Troy Lambert (@tlambertwrites – shared how his love for maps has evolved into taking Esri training and technical report writing. He looks at several “must have” tools in his arsenal  and points out “In this realm there are several tools essential to GIS professionals, whether you are a solopreneur or a part of a larger team, these are things to have in your arsenal.” It was very cool to see that he has included Admin Tools in his list!

From the article,  Lambert shares the following about Admin Tools:

Like Backupassist helps you automate data backup and recovery, Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online was developed by Geo Jobe, a GIS consulting firm, helps you manage the administrative and maintenance tasks associated with being a GIS Professional. Like you, I am good at making maps and apps, not running administrative tasks and maintenance behind the scenes. For everyone from solopreneurs to GIS departments, this tool is sure to save you time.

This app grows with you and is available in the Free version, a Pro Version, and a Portal Version depending on your needs and those of your organization. Why waste your valuable time doing something that you can automate?

In addition to looking at admin Tools, Lambert also gave a thumbs up to our Mapfolio for ArcGIS Online! He shared the following thoughts:

Need to personalize your ArcGIS online experience? Not all of your users need access to everything in ArcGIS, or if you are working within a client’s account, you do not need access to every tool or file they have, but rather only to those related to your project.

Mapfolio, another app by Geo Jobe, gives you the capability to filter your content using the ArcGIS online tagging feature so you or other users in your system only see the information and features they need. Again this is a time saver. You don’t have to wade through new and updated information that is not relevant to your current set of tasks: the process is automated through the use of tags you are already (or should be) using in ArcGIS anyway.

Lambert also discusses several other apps from the ArcGIS Marketplace including, Echosec, what3words Mapillary, Trek2there, and Maptiks.

See the article by Troy Lambert HERE

5 Practices That Make Life Easier in ArcGIS Online, by Joseph Kerski

Working with ArcGIS Online - Image Credit: Esri
Joseph Kerski, tips on Working with ArcGIS Online – Image Credit: Esri

Another article published recently was on the Esri GIS Education Community blog and looked at apps and practices that make life easier for users in ArcGIS Online. In the feature the author, Joseph Kerski, identifies 5 practices that have made his work in ArcGIS Online a bit easier.  From the article:

To more effectively manage your ArcGIS Online organizational account, use the Geo-Jobe tools.  The folks at Geo-Jobe offer several educational discounts, as well.  You can copy groups, add multiple users, change permissions, view item dependencies, and do so much more, with these tools.

Of interest, GEO Jobe works closely with the Esri ConnectED group and supports them in their efforts. ConnectED is a huge user of Admin tools and relies on the tools to help them setup new users, in particular, a large number of schools in the UK. they use the cloning capabilities to get the schools up and running quickly at the start of a new year.

View the article on the Esri Education Community Blog HERE


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Great to also see that Esri ArcGIS Admins are also using the Admin Tools to be more productive!

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