3 Ways Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online Can Save You

The Power of GIS Simplified! Time is money, and we love saving our users both time and money! Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online is a TOP app in the ArcGIS Marketplace year-after-year for good reason – we make the job of ArcGIS Administrators easier, and we make them more productive. There’s a number of ways that Admin Tools can easily pay for itself (unless of course you adopt the Free Tools). The following are 3 Tools that can save you.

1. Viewing Item Dependencies

Many Administrators have difficulty finding a practical or efficient way to determine what feature services and layers are being consumed by what web maps and web apps. Many times, users will delete what they assume is an unused layer, only for it to break some content somewhere in their Organization. With our view item dependencies tool, we lay out exactly what admins want when they are checking on how content is used throughout their organization.

The View Item Dependencies Tool Answers questions such as:

  • How many web maps and web apps are dependent on a specific service?
  • If I delete this service what web maps and web apps will be affected?
  • What web maps are supporting your web applications?
  • What services are supporting your web maps and web apps?
  • Note: The View Item Dependencies is only available in the Pro and Portal Versions of Admin Tools – Video demonstration

2. Find and Replace Webmap Service URLs

Thanks to feedback from our users, the Find and Replace Webmap Service URL now updates Vector Tile styleUrls. Furthermore, users can now find and replace layers in the selected web maps by choosing the old item and a new item or replace urls in the web map by string values including partial matches.

replace webmap service urls

3. Update Item Extents

Update extents for webmaps, hosted feature services, and other items. Select a map or app, redefine the map extents, and update! One quick and simple way to update the extent of a project – draw a rectangle or define by coordinates.

update map extents

These are just 3 of the 60+ tools available to you to assist you in your job. Got an idea or a need for a new Tool? Development of the app is drive entirely by you, The Community, so please send your request to connect@geo-jobe.com

To Get Admin Tools:

What are People Saying About Admin Tools?

I used to run demos for students with ArcGIS for Android/Apple, but now have to switch to Collector as ArcGIS has been retired. So I need to add users for demos and, this is where your tool comes in, remove them again afterwards. ESRI UK put me onto your tools and they did what I needed to do. (Martin, GIS Manager, University of Portsmouth)

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Recall we recently announced the update to Admin Tools to R 1.1 while it was just in December that the update to R rolled out. These releases added some great, new features to the Tools – much of the functionality, recall, is available in the Free version (see the ArcGIS Marketplace). Note, come see us at the 2018 ESRIUC to learn about Admin Tools V 1.2

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