ArcGIS Admin Tip – Set Content Status in ArcGIS Online

As an ArcGIS Online Administrator, have you wished that you could tell your users to use one web map or layer, and not another one? This is the idea behind the new “Content Status” feature in ArcGIS Online.

Administrators can set content items as authoritative (which has the backing of your organization), or deprecated (meaning the organization no longer supports that data).


While creating a web map in ArcGIS Online, you can search for authoritative content within your organization by checking the new “Authoritative Content only” checkbox. This will filter your organization’s content to show only layers your organization has flagged as authoritative.

In AdminTools v. 1.1, we support the content status property for items in your ArcGIS Online or Portal account. You can filter searches by Authoritative or Deprecated status*. You can also assign content status on items in bulk using our Update Content Status as Authoritative or Deprecated tool. If you make a mistake, you can also use the tool to remove either content status flag from items as well.

authoratative content

Our popular Import and Export to CSV tools also supports content status. The status will appear in a column named contentStatus. Authoritative items will have a content status value of “org_authoritative”, while Deprecated items will have a content status value of “deprecated”.

*Note: In AdminTools 1.1, to filter items that are neither Authoritative nor Deprecated, you will need to apply two filters. One for “not Authoritative” and another for “not Deprecated”.

Admin Tools V 1.1 was released Jan. 23, 2018. View details of all the additional features, improvements and more in this article.

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Author: Ken Doman (@raykendo) is a Sr. Front End Engineer at GEO Jobe and part of the Admin Tools developer team.

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