ArcGIS Admin Tool Tips – Protect your Data Assets with Delete Protection

Imagine this, you spend some time performing a little organization housekeeping. Several employees have come and gone, new interns will be showing up shortly and your data warehouse and data management has become cumbersome and complex. Sounds like time to clean up your ArcGIS Online accounts and get rid of user accounts no longer required and purge all that duplicate data and sample or test data that you’ve accumulated over time.

launch admin tools
launch / provision admin tools


We’ve all been here, you want to work clean out your organization’s data holdings, removing redundant, old, and unnecessary data, maps, webmaps, and apps. Where to start? Admin Tools “Update Items Delete Protection” enables you to easily protect your valuable data from a costly house keeping mistake.



To begin, provision Admin Tools. If you haven’t run the Tools for some time and you neglected to bookmark your launch url,  recall that the bookmark that you need to access the Tools is is the url you will want to bookmark. If you have not yet provisioned your ArcGIS Online account to access the Tools you can get it HERE in the ArcGIS Marketplace.

Then, select the Item Tools Option (the 3 building blocks icon or  the “browse item tools: under the Quick Links heading to the far left. Beneath the left side column with the heading “Update” you should see a category “Delete”. Select the first option, “Update Items Delete Protection“. Then, select all items you would like to protect (or optionally, un-protect).

update items delete protection in arcgis online wit Admin tools
update items delete protection in ArcGIS Online with Admin tools

update items delete protection


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You don’t have Admin Tools yet? No problem, visit the ArcGIS Marketplace where you can add the app to your account (for named account holders). If you are enjoying the tools and find them useful, please rate the app on the ArcGIS Marketplace. Also, feel free to send us a feature request from within the application

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