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Imagine this, you have lots of content on one ArcServer and you move/migrate to another server/service. Naturally, your users will be impacted unless you manage to update all pointers to the server and configure all items that are affected so that they are now referencing the correct server location. No problem, we have a tool for that! 


We’ve all been here, you want to upgrade or make a change to your ArcGIS server. Where to start? Admin Tools “Update Item Content URLs” function enables you to easily ensure all affected items are updated accordingly.

Using this tool, you can perform a query to identify which items have been affected by the move to the new server (eg. from server1 to server2). Then in one click you can update all the affected items to the new server location, keeping all your maps, apps and services intact and working properly.


To begin, provision/launch Admin Tools. If you have not yet provisioned your ArcGIS Online account to access the Tools you can get it HERE in the ArcGIS Marketplace.

launch admin tools
launch / provision admin tools

Then, select the Item Tools Option (the 3 building blocks icon or the “browse item tools: under the Quick Links heading to the far left. Beneath the left side column under the heading “Update”  Select the Update Items Content URL“. Then, select all items you would like to update. Click Next then enter the name of the new/updated server location.

update content url

Select “update Items Content URL”

Specify the new server url


See also this helpful article in our Knowledge Base: How do I Change My Web Map Service URLs From HTTP to HTTPS (or vice versa)?

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You don’t have Admin Tools yet? No problem, visit the ArcGIS Marketplace where you can add the app to your account (for named account holders). If you are enjoying the tools and find them useful, please rate the app on the ArcGIS Marketplace. Also, feel free to send us a feature request from within the application

arcgis marketplace provider

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