Admin Tool Tips. View Item Dependencies – A Powerful, Time Saver!

Many administrators have difficulty determining what feature services and layers are being consumed by what web maps and apps in a practical, efficient way.Many times, users delete what they assume is an unused layer, only to have it break content somewhere in their Organization. Our View Item Dependencies Tool lays out exactly what admins want when they are checking on how content is used throughout their organization.

The View Item Dependencies Tool answers questions such as:

  • How many web maps and web apps are dependent on a specific service?
  • Which operational data layers are consumed and used by my webmap?
  • What webmaps in my org are using a specific data layer?
  • If I delete this service, what web maps and web apps will be affected?
  • What web maps are supporting your web applications?
  • What services are supporting your web maps and web apps?
  • Note: The View Item Dependencies is only available in the Pro and Portal Versions of Admin Tools – See it in action

When you view an item’s dependencies, there are a number of features available. The image above shows an example of what you will see. Using View Item Dependencies is quite simple. For example, open any items tool that provides a “list view” of your items, like the “Add Tags to Items” Tool. Once you have identified the item of interest you’d like to view dependencies for, click the drop-down arrow and select “View Item Dependencies”, as seen in the image below.

view item dependencies in ArcGIS Online

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