Community, and User Feedback Driving the Direction of Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online

Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online has been a Top application (both the Free and Pro versions) in the ArcGIS Marketplace since the launch a couple of years ago. To date, there are more than 3,500 user organizations and over 10,000+ users of the Tools – these are the people / professionals that drive the direction of the app’s development. Without the comments, criticism, and user feedback we wouldn’t have had the tremendous success that we’ve seen in growing the Tools. It may not be a secret but this really is our “secret sauce”.

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Admin Tools Updates

This week, we are pleased to be rolling out a pretty nice release of Admin Tools at R. 1.1. With this release, we’ve seen the product number jump from R 1.0.14 and the momentum just keps on going! Of interest, even as late as this week-end, the development of this release has continued. Just last week we heard from a user via Twitter who expressed some interest in our “Update Thumbnails” Tool. He had indicated that his enthusiasm for the tools continues, however, he had a need for updating Living Atlas Thumbnail images. Eager to satisfy users, our dev team investigated and quickly implemented this request. Now at R. 1.1 the Tools supports larger thumbnails for Living Atlas images, which are sized at 286×190 px. Another community input win!

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This is just one small example of how we appreciate community input. Indeed there are many choices and many options for community input and user feedback. As such, we maintain user accounts on most major social channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, GeoNet and others. The team here are always glad to hear how users feel about the apps, what they are doing with the Tools, requests for new functionality, and anything else that can contribute to Admin Tools getting better. You can connect with us via your favorite social media channel, and users are also encouraged to add themselves to our Community Crowdsource StoryMap.

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Admin Tools Users – add yourself to our CrowdSourced User Map

And so, we look forward to hearing from you and be sure to watch for the release of Admin Tools R 1.1 this week! If you’ll be attending the Esri EPC or DevSummit this March in Palm Springs, be sure to look for us there and don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our team members with your feedback or just to chat about anything GEO.

You can get started with Admin Tools (Free) right HERE and be up and running in about a minute!

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