Enabling Agencies & Orgs with Hub Open Data to Support Open Government

Customer Success Stories – Here at GEO Jobe, we don’t just build on the ArcGIS platform and create awesome tools, like Admin Tools and Mapfolio etc…, our team also works with many ArcGIS Enterprise-scale customers, government agencies, and other organizations to support their ArcGIS-based solutions. Read more how GEO Jobe can support Enabling your Open Data.

Of interest, we’ve worked with Shelby County, Tennessee to help standup the County’s 911 Open Data Resource.  Using ArcGIS Online, the 911 resource makes available, to both the public and developers, a number of useful data products including: emergency zones, road centerlines, address points, and more. With ArcGIS Open Data sites, you can make datasets like map features, CSV tables, or even file geodatabases available to organizations and the public. See  http://gis.shelbycounty911.org/

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GEO Jobe is prepared to work with and support Local Government agencies interested in getting involved with OpenData and standing up their own Open Data resource with ArcGIS Online. Contact us for more info on how to get started, and you can connect with our @raykendo on Twitter for more on this topic. 

Why Open Data?

  • Simplify data sharing
  • Make data more discoverable
  • Enable Government transparency
  • Leverage server technology
  • Reduce stale/old data
  • Grow a community of innovation
  • Facilitate data sharing within an organization

Open Data can be searched and explored. Find data then use it freely in your maps, apps, and webmaps. Explore thousands of datasets HERE

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For existing ArcGIS & ArcGIS Online user orgs and agencies, ArcGIS Hub provides GIS admins with the capability to open their data holdings to the community as well as for citizens and developers who need data.  ArcGIS Hub walks you through launching your first open data site and recommends meaningful open datasets to share that align with commonly used open standard data models. Governments that participate get:

  • Tools to create maps, apps, and dashboards
  • An engagement platform to support collaboration
  • Ways to capture, store, and share data
  • Apps and tools (templates)

Of note: ArcGIS Open Data remains a freely included capability of the ArcGIS platform.

See more  Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials for using ArcGIS Hub

Government Agencies (local, county, State, Fed) are encouraged to also adopts Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online to assist in managing data assets, staff access, and more.

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