Knowledge Base Tip – How Do I Access Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online?

We realize that there are many users of Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online who use the tools daily or more, however, there are also many user cases where the Tools may not have been accessed for some time, perhaps weeks or even months. If this is the case then hopefully you’ve documented how and where to access the tools or perhaps you’ve created bookmarks. But what if you can’t recall how to access the Tools?

Don’t feel bad if this is you! We hear this periodically from users and there’s a simple solution from our Knowledge Base:

If you have a new system setup, new computer, or a long period of time has passed and your license has expired you can always access the Tools (Free and Pro) from the ArcGIS Marketplace:

Provision Admin Tools from the ArcGIS Online Marketplace

Admin tools in the marketplace

Provision Admin Tools from the ArcGIS Marketplace

If you are sure that you have already provisioned Admin Tools (free or Pro) to your named user account you can access Admin tools from these links:

Visit the site and allow Admin Tools access to your ArcGIS Online Account.

provision admin tools

Provide access to Admin Tools

NOTE: You may bookmark Admin Tools in your browser for easy access, later.

Note: If you have any concerns about allowing Admin Tools access to your ArcGIS Online Account, and what data GEO Jobe has access to, please visit our Data and Security FAQ.

This Tip is archived in our Knowledge Base.

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