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I consider it a great privilege and opportunity joining the GEO Jobe family to support them as well as advocate on behalf of the users and customers. As a small company, there is a point in its growth where meaningful support needs it’s own dedicated position. As your products and services are in more and more users’ hands, it gets difficult to focus on your work when you’re also answering calls, replying to emails, or chatting in an ever-increasing frequency.

My job to make sure everyone who contacts us with a question or concern gets the right answers from the right people, and to generally lighten the load so that everyone in the company can focus on providing the best services and products we can. Speaking of answering questions….

“What days are my favorite restaurant open?”

“How do you say ‘How do you say…’ in Spanish?”

“How many seasons are there in the series I’m binging on Netflix?”

Technology is a beautiful thing. We’re used to searching online for instant answers to most of our questions. And I know in some cases, we don’t always want to go through the process of making a phone call, or composing and sending an email to someone just to wait on a reply back. We often assume “If I have a certain problem or question, odds are other people have them, as well!

No matter what that question is:

knowledge base

And indeed this extends to support, too! In fact, a recent survey has shown that most users prefer to pursue self-help online over contacting customer support. It is with that preference in mind that I believe many of our users’ most common questions should be searchable. Because really, it’s 2017 why shouldn’t they be???

And thus, the GEO Jobe Knowledge Base was born!

Although it’s in its infancy, the Knowledge Base already contains very helpful guides and documentation. Many of the articles have been created as the result of all the most common questions or issues users are asking us about through live chat, support emails, and calls to us, directly. Additionally, I made sure to endlessly pester and reach out to the folks in the company to provide important topics that they feel our users can genuinely benefit from. And as our products and services grow, so will the knowledge base and articles, within.

Of course, this is merely an additional support resource the public can tap into for their solutions. We will continue to directly support our users for our services and products. Live chat is not going away, you can still email us, tweet us @geojobegis, post a topic on LinkedIn, and we’ll still be answering your calls for the select  few of us these days that still actually use our phones as phones.

Anyways, that’s my five hundred words about the Knowledge Base. Give it spin, bookmark it, search it, and let us know what you think about it. Love it? Hate it? Looking for a specific topic? You can email me at or reach me directly with a question or comment via the Live Chat box!

You can visit the GEO Jobe knowledge base at

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