Admin Tools Success Tales – State of Oregon, Turns to Cloning with Admin Tools

The state of Oregon works closely with the Oregon Department of Transportation to maintain a single comprehensive ArcGIS Online organization in order to serve their constituents.

THE CHALLENGE: Although both the state of Oregon and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) both had existing ArcGIS Online organizations with robust content, there was a need to combine these organizations into one single entity (Case study)

The State of Oregon and the Oregon Department of Transportation ( ODOT ) each had their own ArcGIS Online organization. Over time it became apparent that ODOT would need to transfer all of their items, users, and groups into the State of Oregon’s organization. Normally, this requires a lot of time to manually move this information from one organization to the other. In comes Admin Tools Pro for ArcGIS Online.

Admin Tools Pro for ArcGIS Online is one of the three most popular apps available in the ArcGIS Marketplace. It is used by over 5,000 organizations worldwide. Admins Tools Pro is a professional suite of ArcGIS Online organization management tools that lets admins perform batch operations. Most of these operations are used to manage data, items, users, tags, and in this success tale, cloning another organization.

The Solution

Joshua Tanner of the State of Oregon contacted GEO Jobe about assisting with the task of combining the two organizations by cloning the ODOT items, users, and groups into the state organization. Joshua and GEO Jobe worked together on a 16 step process that allowed for a smooth transition of the items by combining multiple tools in the Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online tool suite. This process allowed the moving of not only the data, but also the maintaining of item relationships, ownerships, and sharing along with group membership and ownership.


All items, groups, and users were successfully combined into one organization with item relationships kept in tack. Tanner shared the following regarding their experience, “We recently were faced with the challenge of migrating an entire ArcGIS Online Organization into an existing ArcGIS Organization.  GEO Jobe’s Admin Tools Pro was the obvious choice and greatly reduced the amount of time and effort needed to accomplish this task.” Joshua Tanner, GISP, MGIST, state of Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office.

About the Clone Tools

Often users will find tremendous value in Admin Tools simply to help with one or two tedious tasks or things that they are having trouble with within their organization, like Cloning. Admin Tools for ArcGIS offers a Clone Tool that will allow you to recreate all of your content in an existing organization into another one of your organizations. Users options for cloning include: clone entire organization, clone groups to organization, clone items to an organization, clone roles to organization, clone users to organization. This tool takes out the time-consuming labor of recreating all of these one by one & does it for you!

“Admin Tools Pro allows users to move content between two organizations quickly and safely. Don’t just move your apps by themselves, move your apps, maps, and layers all at once.” David Hansen, COO, GEO Jobe @DHansen601

Cloning is a Tool provided with Admin Tools Pro – learn more HERE

View a more detailed How-To video of cloning HERE

Have you used Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online Clone Tool in your org? We’d love to hear about your experience. Please tell us about it @geojobegis


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