There’s Many Reasons to Adopt Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online – and it takes just 2 minutes!

Admin Tools is our flagship solution for users/Admin of ArcGIS Online, offered in several options to users: Free, Pro, and for Portal (on premise) installations. 

There’s many reasons to consider adopting Admin Tools in your organization, and, best of all, it takes only 2 minutes to access from the Marketplace and provision.

Admin Tools for ARcGIS Online

With the latest update of our popular Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online  (V 1.1 the ArcGIS Administrator has even more functionality and resources at their disposal to perform their job even better.

Admin Tools have been designed to enable the ArcGIS Admin in any organization to access and complete common tasks and workflows fast – saving time and making them more productive. No wonder over 4,000 orgs are using Admin Tools!

With this in mind, we share a detailed list of 10 reasons to adopt Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online in your organization:

  1. Create and manage groups – invite users to participate in groups where users share a common project or focus
  2. Update bookmarks – easily update, delete, create, reorder, & copy bookmarks between multiple web maps keeping things clean and consistent
  3. Import items from JSON
  4. Tag, move, share, delete items – take control of managing your assets and data
  5. Export / Import via CSV – use Excel’s tools such as find and replace to make changes quickly to thousands of records and import those back
  6. Email members – an easy way to communicate with all my ArcGIS Online members
  7. Manage user entitlements – take control and manage what your users can access
  8. Update user credits and roles – as employees come, go, and change positions you can control their user settings
  9. Delete and migrate users – keep your organization’s user accounts clean and tidy
  10. Update webmap urls – when you make changes or alter where web services reside, you can edit accordingly here
  11. BONUS!! Cloning –  clone entire organization accounts, items, groups, or roles from one ArcGIS Online account to another

Group management with admin Tools

So, who uses Admin Tools?

GEO Jobe’s global community of users and customers include “power” users and ArcGIS Administrators from natural resources companies, airports, state, local and federal government agencies, utilities, high schools (K-12 GIS), colleges and universities facilities, nonprofits, GIS consultants, and more. Professionals in these sectors have tapped GEO Jobe to provide them with the tools they need to get the job done when time is limited.

Admin Tools Pro provides more than 60 Tools for the user and ArcGIS administrator. Admin Tools is available to GIS administrators and other GIS professionals in Free, Pro, and for Portal (enterprise, on-premise) and can be found in the ArcGIS marketplace ( See more at
See more details at and on Twitter @geojobegis
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Admin Tools is used by over 4,000 industry organizationsaround the World.
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