View Item Dependencies in ArcGIS Online using Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online (Pro) or (Portal)

Imagine this, do you ever have a data layer that you aren’t sure if you can delete it or not without breaking a bunch of web maps? Ideally, you need to get a clear picture as to which operational layers make up a specific ArcGIS webmap or web service. This is crucial to know if you ever plan on moving, renaming, or deleting data or perform other “housekeeping” activities within your ArcGIS Online account. Enter one of the most powerful uses of Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online – View Item Dependencies.


view item dependencies

Using Admin Tools for Portal’s “View Item Dependencies” tool, you can quickly visualize every single web map that uses a certain layer before you take any action. Simply put, this means you can see the relationships between feature layers / base maps / map services before you change or delete them. This is HUGE and its only available in Admin Tools Pro and Portal. Example scenarios are displayed in the video below.

The View Item Dependencies Tool Answers questions such as:

  • How many web maps and web apps are dependent on a specific service?
  • If I delete this service what web maps and web apps will be affected?
  • What web maps are supporting your web applications?
  • What services are supporting your web maps and web apps?

Users can then take action by:

  • Quickly identify broken service references in your web maps and assess the impact of this outage across your organization
  • See a visual hierarchy of relationships between your items
  • See every layer that makes up your webmap
  • Pop-Out dependencies window to another screen
  • Print the visual hierarchy for ongoing reference purposes
  • Fix issues that you find with existing tools also in Admin Tools such as (Update Web Maps Services URLs, Find and Replace Web Maps Services URLs, Update Items Content/Source URL, etc.)

This video demonstrates how to View Item Dependencies in Admin Tools for ArcGIS℠ Online – Note, for users of the Free Tools, this is a Pro feature.

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