Tagging & Filters: Two Good Things That Go Great Together in ArcGIS Online

While handling support emails, chat, and calls, I’m often asked “Is there a specific tool that does this?” or “Can Admin Tools do that?” Nine times out of ten, if it’s not a dedicated tool, they can accomplish what they want with a potent combination of our powerful filter tools and the ability to bulk add Tags to their content. It is truly the Chicken and Waffles of the Admin Tools suite!

"Ah ha! My folks are smarter than I gave them credit for! Some put "story", "storymap" in the tags! YES!"
“Ah ha! My folks are smarter than I gave them credit for! Some put “story”, “storymap” in the tags! YES!”

Fun Fact: Did you know there is currently NO WAY to tag users in the native, out-of-the-box ArcGIS Online interface? Go ahead and try it! I’ll wait for you…

See? You can add tags to Items, and you can even add tags to Groups as you create them in ArcGIS Online. Not for Users, though. It just can’t be done in ArcGIS Online. But using Admin Tools, you can! Now, some of you may say “But Blake, you already have Roles for users. Why would you also want to have Tags?” Oh, my sweet summer child… While roles do an excellent job of designating access and permissions in your organization, tags can offer so many categorization possibilities. A popular example, for instance, is that you can tag some users as Firefighters, you can tag some users as Police Officers, and you can also tag a both groups as First Responders, too. So no matter what, your users are categorized for the easiest access, later!

So I encourage every one of you reading this who has administrative access to your ArcGIS Online Organization to get our free version of Admin Tools, if you haven’t already done so, and really play around with the Add Tags and various other tools for your items, groups, and users. You might be surprised at what the tools can accomplish with a robust catalog of tags behind your content!


And for the power-users out there, our PRO customers of Admin Tools know that the Export To CSV, and Import From CSV is a real swiss army knife of tools when it comes to doing so many combinations of tweaks and updates to the properties of all the varied content in their organization. These tools provide users with a great selection of time and effort-saving solutions to many of the pain points related to the administrative management of their Organization.

Of course, there are always opportunities to improve and discover new use-cases. That’s why suggestions by our users are always welcomed. If you have any questions or suggestions about Admin Tools, or any other services GEO Jobe offers, you can email us at support@geo-jobe.com.

Oh, and if you’re ever in a restaurant that has Chicken and Waffles on the menu, and you’ve never tried it before, give it a shot!

See more about admin Tools here. For additional support and helpful tips, see also our Knowledge Base

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