Thursday Throwback #TBT – Export from ArcGIS Online to CSV, Powerful, Useful, Simple!

CSV is a very simple format for data, and you may (or may not) be aware that Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online has some powerful, built-in capabilities that enable you to quickly, easily, and conveniently move your data (item, group, and user information) in and out via CSV. We felt this that Throwback Thursday (or #TBT) was a great time to remind you about this somewhat hidden gem!

export to csv

Our own Neill Jobe (@neilljobe) has shared and reminded the community about this feature on several occasions, including this LinkedIn article back in 2015 – Export via CSV is still as powerful as ever! Back then and to this date, it is important to consider that with Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online it is possible to export any filtered or browsed list within the application to CSV.  This functionality is available and simple but somewhat overshadowed by the abundance of powerful features found in the application.

The import CSV tools are like many powerful tools wrapped into one! Not only can you bulk update the properties, but you can also create items, groups, and users by importing a CSV. The cool thing? You can even update and create with the same import!

Why CSV?

Exporting information to CSV can be very useful for administrators of ArcGIS Online organizations who have hundreds or even thousands of items, groups and users and need the ability to filter this information by certain attributes, export that information to CSV and use it for auditing purposes. It can also prove quite useful for planning out administrative activities before executing them within the Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online app.


The “Export to CSV” command can be found in the bottom left corner of most all the Query Filter tools within the application (See image above). In some cases, where the list of items is very long, you may need to scroll to the end of the list to expose the export to CSV command. From here, you still have the filtering capabilities to pair down the list however you like by Title, Group, Owner, Tag, etc.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard from our users that they’ve used this seemingly simple feature to perform important tasks that were pain points for them. They also rave about the time that was saved. Seriously, who doesn’t want to save time and money?? Are you using admin Tools? What Tool has saved you? We’d love to hear from you. Go ahead and hit the Contact Us link (upper right) or tweet @geojobegis

Export to CSV is available in Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online (free) – check it out!

Below is a little “Throwback” video about export/import via CSV. Admin Tools has seen updates since then but the CSV tools live on!

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