5 Must Have Tools That Every ArcGIS Online Administrator Will Need at Some Time

With almost 50 free Tools at your disposal in the latest release of Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online (V 1.0.13) you’ll be glad to know the ArcGIS Administrator has even more functionality and useful resources at their disposal. What this means is more tools to quickly and easily accomplish what you need to get done!  Admin Tools (free and Pro), a top marketplace application, gives the user access to tools that are fast, simple and efficient, making the job of performing routine tasks on items, groups, users and project workflows very efficient. Here we share 5 must-have Tools from the popular Admin Tools that every Admin requires.

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Recall, Admin Tools is used by over 3,000 industry organizations around the World (See details)

Admin Tools is available to planners, GIS administrators and other GIS professionals in local government,K-12 and Higher education, utilities, and facilities management and can be found in the ArcGIS marketplace (free, pro, and Portal versions). The Tools have been designed with the Admin/user in mind and these 5 workflows will likely be required by any ArcGIS Admin at some time:

  1. Export Users to CSV – Admin Tools for ArcGIS℠ Online allows you to export as many Items, Groups, or Users as you want to an excel friendly format (.csv). You can edit the content in excel, or even add new content quickly & easily. Exporting information to CSV can be very useful for administrators of ArcGIS Online organizations who have hundreds or even thousands of items, groups and users and need the ability to filter this information by certain attributes, export that information to csv and use it for auditing purposes
  2. Bulk Adding Tags – Tags are powerful and a must in order to keep your data, users, and groups organized. One of the most popular, time saving capabilities of the Tools is the ability to perform bulk tagging operations on all your items within your ArcGIS Online account (web map, application, feature service, code, vector tile service). Select your items, add tag(s), repeat!
  3. Clone your Organization – Perhaps the most sought after feature in Pro, cloning is an advanced feature that enables and organization to replicate and entire ArcGIS Online setup to another org or user account. Imagine a College or University at the start of year requiring accounts created for each new user – hello cloning! See Considerations Regarding Cloning for important details before cloning for the first time.
  4. Update Content URLs – Imagine this, you have lots of content on one ArcServer and you move/migrate to another server/service. Naturally, your users will be impacted unless you manage to update all pointers to the server and configure all items that are affected so that they are now referencing the correct server location. No problem, we have a tool for that!
  5. Delete Protection – Several employees have come and gone, new interns will be showing up shortly and your data warehouse and data management has become cumbersome and complex. Sounds like time to clean up your ArcGIS Online accounts and get rid of user accounts no longer required and purge all that duplicate data and sample or test data that you’ve accumulated over time.


add bulk tags to items in arcgis online
Quickly select items, add tags in bulk – get in and get out, fast!


See http://www.geo-jobe.com/admin-tools/

Get Admin Tools (Free) or Admin Tools Pro for even more power in your toolbox! Available to all in the ArcGIS Marketplace.


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