The Top 10 Admin Tool Tasks Supporting ArcGIS Online Administrators

Recall, with the latest update of our popular Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online  (V 1.0.13)  the ArcGIS Administrator has even more functionality and resources at their disposal to perform their job even better. Admin Tools (free and Pro), a top marketplace application, gives the user access to tools that are fast, simple and efficient, making the job of performing routine tasks on items, groups, users and project workflows very efficient. Here we explore the Top 10 tasks in Admin Tools being employed by our users.

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Our VP of Software development, David Hansen (@dhansen601) has examined the Admin Tools statistics provided via our GEOPowered Cloud and has shared with us the Top 10 Tools/Tasks that users of Admin Tools have been accessing in 2017.

The Top 10 Admin Tools are:

  1. Export Users to CSV – Admin Tools for ArcGIS℠ Online allows you to export as many Items, Groups, or Users as you want to an excel friendly format (.csv). You can edit the content in excel, or even add new content quickly & easily. (See video below)
  2. Items Copy
  3. Items Clone
  4. Export Items to CSV
  5. Add Users to Groups
  6. Find and Replace Web Map Service URLs
  7. Delete Users
  8. Tag Users
  9. Migrate Users
  10. Update User Esri Access

These are just 10 of the nearly 60 tasks that the user can access. Each tool designed to make the job of the Administrator in your organization easier. Recall, Admin Tools is used by over 3,000 industry organizations around the World (See details)

Admin Tools is available to planners, GIS administrators and other GIS professionals in local government,K-12 and Higher education, utilities, and facilities management and can be found in the ArcGIS marketplace (free, pro, and Portal versions). See


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Get Admin Tools (Free) or Admin Tools Pro for even more power in your toolbox! Available to all in the AcGIS Marketplace.

If you are enjoying the tools and find them useful, please rate the app on the ArcGIS Marketplace. Also, feel free to send us a feature request from within the application

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